Thursday, July 12, 2012

Changing it up

Okay, so I am coming back at you with another "Summer Push" post, focusing on reaching your fitness goals. When it comes to fitness I am learning as I go. I pick up good practices, good tips, and figure out what does and does not work for me. One thing that I know does not work for me is constant routine. Routine does work for me in the sense that I like to have a grove, a routine of working out, so that I know I am going to work out. However, routine does not work for me in the sense of doing the same work outs day in and day out. I get tired of the same workouts and then I just get burned out. For me, the key is changing it up. I need the change of environment and method. Some days I will go for a hike, others I just wanna go for a bike ride, or take a run, and sometimes I just do some fitness videos.

In fact the other night I was dreading working out because I was tired of the same ole thing, but it was getting too dark to make it over to a trail, so I went out on a limb. I searched Youtube for some exercise videos. I ended up finding quite a few that look good including some yoga and pilates. You gotta love Youtube, why buy a bunch of workout dvds when you can just get them online?? Anyways, I came across this video that I ended up trying out.

It isn't anything super intense. It just focuses on the arms and a little bit of core training, but I could feel it the next day. Great for toning and slimming.

If you are struggling with your exercise routine maybe you just need to CHANGE IT UP. There are lots of things that are unconventional and so effective. Try something new this week and then share. I am always looking for fun things to do for exercise!
Summer will be over before you know it! Keep on pushing through.
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  1. Sounds stupid but I have never thought about using Youtube but I may well do it when I don't fancy going out in the rain (again!!). Thanks for the idea!