Thursday, July 12, 2012

I never tell a lie

Today I am going to be out right honest with you (not that I am not honest any other day, but I am offering the incriminating information today). You may laugh at me, poke fun at me, judge me if you please, but you are getting it open and honest. I am confessing all my goofiness and silliness!

I must confess... I am playing hard to get with one of my favorite shows "Criminal Minds." I am desperate to watch every single episode. I would give up sleep if they would just put themselves out there (on Netflix or something!). I have been trying to make my profilers jealous by spending some extra time with the Special Victims Unit of Law and Order. I have been pretty much watching them, or at least listening to them, any time I am on my computer on Netflix. Here is my reasoning, if I show the SVU special attention eventually my profilers will get jealous and show up on Netflix! In the mean time, i am still waiting...

I must confess... I am addicted to mint. The color. The smell. The taste. Everything. My addiction is even interfering with my patriotism; a part of me couldn't wait for the fourth of July to be over so I could again wear mint loud and proud.

I must confess... I am on a dancing kick! I was introduced to the series "Dance Academy", and ever since I have been fantasizing about being a dancer. In my head, I am awesome... in reality I am just a wanna be. boo.
Here are some of my favorite dances for your enjoyment. Of course they are from So You Think You Can Dance... they named the show that for people like me! haha

Ignore the craziness at the end of this clip. They were getting out of control!

I think I have decided this is my all time favorite! 

I definitely think the lyrical hip hop would be my style of choice if I were a legit dancer. I love the emotion in it.

I must confess... I am in an unhealthy love affair with headbands. Big ones, small ones, hippie ones, fabric ones, all of them. They are great to accessorize with or cover up a bad hair day with. Problem is excessive headband wearing results in rumors. Is she balding? Does she have a bad hair cut? Color job? What is she trying to hide?? Okay, that probably isn't true, but I knew a girl once who always wore hats and I do mean always... I just wanted to see what was under them!

I must confess... I have been considering the pros and cons of getting a rabbit for a pet. A dog is so in your face and demanding, but a rabbit is cute and cuddley, but you don't have to take it out to the bathroom. I have had several pet bunnies growing up, and they were the best pals I could have asked for. I was so sad to say goodbye to my first love Claira, but she lived a good life and made me smile everyday. I will never be able to replace her, but maybe I could find one that carried on her legacy.
Here is Claire on St. Patrick's Day.
Some babies that another bunny I had gave birth to.

I must confess... I am sooooooo excited for the new batman movie to be coming out. I have already made plans to go to the midnight showing. Sure I can see the same movie the next day and not have to stay out until an ungodly hour, but where is the fun in that?? 

Okay, that is it. That is all I am going to share. Call me weird, call me silly, I don't care! Maybe I have inspired you to be honest and embrace your quirkiness... then go on and share. ;)

Much Love,


  1. i have a secret love affair with svu and criminal minds.. so you're not alone :)

  2. I love love love Criminal Minds ... I watched every single episode via netflix DVD's over the course of about three months ... I would love love love if they were available streaming on Netflix!

  3. AHH!! I LOVE SYTYCD!! And last season's Melanie and Marco were incredible!! Looking forward to tonight's episoe!

  4. Ok, so I loved your blog title right? But now I love this post, because you love DANCE ACADEMY! AHHHHH! I'm off for the summer because I am a teacher. I was trying to find a new series to watch and I picked that one and fell in love.

    Oh and SYTYCD rocks too! Best part is, my boyfriend big into all of the arts, so he likes watching it with me. :)