Thursday, July 12, 2012

Meet the Flinestones, the modern stone-age family

How many of you have ever realized that you have lived somewhere for so long and never experienced the unique things that it has to offer? Well, I had that experience this week! I have lived in the Tulsa area my whole life and still feel like I haven't really experienced Tulsa. So a word from Miss Conservative, if you are looking for something to do why not get out and experience the beautiful place you are living? Do a little google search and find out what you are missing!
I had the honor of hanging out with some missionary teens this week. Their parents were in a conference and we wanted to treat them to a day on the town, just being themselves and seeing some interesting things around Tulsa. To be honest, I had little to contribute to the list of sights to see. I was surprised at some of the sights that did make the list, some that I was unfamiliar with. The first place of interest, a cave house.

This used to be a restaurant named The Cave Garden. In the basement was a bootleg hotspot, and there are still existing underground tunnels that lead to bootleg suppliers and buyers. They have not dug through the tunnels, as it would take quite a bit of work, but it is expected that the tunnels lead to houses up on the hill above. Many of the families are afraid of the embarrassment that it would cause to publicize that their families were part of an underground bootleg system during the prohibition. I hope they do dig out the tunnels, they would be so much fun to go exploring in! Here are so photos.

The next stop we made was the tunnels that go under downtown Tulsa. Now, this was much different than it sounds. In the 1920's there was a form of underground transportation, but it was for the elite only. They built these tunnels to protect themselves from the "common folk". The tunnels now are mostly above ground, but we did manage to go through this tunnel.

Also underground, back in the '20's this bank vault was used to protect investor's money from criminals such as Bonnie and Clyde. Now it is just used for safe deposit boxes.

Artwork is quite elaborate throughout Tulsa. Here is one beauty found on the ceiling of the historic bank downtown.
So many amazing things to see in Tulsa! And I am on my way to seeing it all.

Now it's your turn! Go out and discover the beauty and diversity of your city. Save some dough and you might just learn some history.

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