Monday, July 9, 2012

Coffee lovers un-anonymous

Calling all coffee lovers!
To all those who dream of waking up every morning with Folgers in your cup, who get a warm fuzzy feeling inside when they smell that rich, smooth aroma of coffee beans, who suffer headaches and withdraws if they go without, for those who embrace the coffee breath, this link up is for YOU!
Today I am joining with All My Love for All My Days and Fearless & Frugal to bring all my coffee lovers together in one, happy place. We are all going to be sharing our love story, but I promise it won't be sappy one with a "they all lived happily ever after" ending. It will be all about our love for coffee.

For me, coffee has so much attached to it that it is hard not to love it!
When I think of coffee I go all the way back to myself as a little girl. My parents are coffee drinkers (so blame them for my addiction!), and I remember always seeing them with their cup of black coffee everyday, but Saturday mornings are the ones that are the most vivid in my memory. Of course I did it, we all do it or want to do it as kids, I tried some coffee... black. It was awful!! (although I feel much different about it now) However, the desire to be like my parents led to my compromise, coffee with sugar and milk, heavy on the sugar. And so it began.

Since my childhood days, my love has only grown for coffee. Of course the current coffee craze that has risen along with my aging has only contributed to the habit. I have coffee in the morning, for a treat, with some friends, to help me think when I am writing or preparing a message to speak (including now!). My prime coffee drinking was of course in college.

Sounds typical, but coffee did accompany many of my early classes, afternoon classes, late night study sessions and video editing. More than that, it was the drink of choice for more heart to hearts than I can count. With so many wonderful and dear friends I have opened my heart and mind to over a cup of coffee or a perfect latte, and then they returned the favor over our second cup :). I have happy memories of when the girls on my halls would close their books, run out of their rooms and into mine, and just say "start the coffee". We would sit for hours, with 7:30 classes in the morning of course, and talk, laugh, and get told to be quiet... several times. Sadly those girls are miles away, but still at times I will get a text or message that tells me to start the coffee, and we have those fun get-togethers with a cup of coffee and skype.

That is why coffee is so much more than a shot of caffeine in the morning or a social stop for a casual meeting, it has memories, fond memories, that return with every sip.

Well that's my love story, now share yours and link it! Please link up your coffee love story rather than just your blog site. Aaaaand, be sure to check out other love stories. What better way to find friends with the same interests... or interest. hehe 
Also, just to add a spoonful of sugar to the cup, we are going to have a giveaway!! That's right, we will feed your addiction.

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