Tuesday, June 26, 2012

progress report

I am using today to gage my progress on my summer goals, and I welcome you to do the same! :) Like I said in my last "Summer Push" post, the more you talk about your goals, the more dedicated you will be.
This week I have made a lot of progress towards my fitness goals. I have been more committed to running and have been using My Fitness Pal for extra accountability. One thing I absolutely loved and thoroughly enjoyed was a hike up Turkey Mountain. I had a lovely time with friends and burned some major calories (about 460 for a hike according to My Fitness Pal)! Oh, I have fallen in love with nature. I am planning to add a hike into my regular fitness routine.
I also made a little head way in my book planning. My friend/co-author Rachel sent me some brainstorming ideas which I will soon build upon, and who knows from there!
I have really been enjoying the Daily Audio Bible. This is a daily podcast that gets you through the bible in a year. I have never been on a dedicated reading plan to get through the bible in a year, but there is something about going all the way through, seeing it all in perspective, seeing all the ties throughout the bible. I have already learned and discovered so much I feel. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone!
I will admit, I am still struggling with my strumming and Spanish skills. I have yet to make much progress, man... But that is one of my goals for this week, to learn some basic Spanish words. I plan to use note cares and label things around the house. Baby steps, baby steps...
So, there's how I have been doing. It's always good to share our victories as much as our struggles. What are some of your victories this week?


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