Thursday, June 21, 2012

what's your excuse?

Its Ok Thursdays

I am beginning to really love these little posts. I have started telling myself throughout the week, "it's okay." Because, it is okay!
It's okay to fail, it's okay to fall, it's okay to look stupid, and it okay to be candid! So here's a message to all you perfectionists, obsessive compulsive, driven, over-achievers. Whatever you didn't get done today can be done tomorrow, whatever mistake you made can be corrected, and no matter how much of a fool you made out of yourself you can still be respected... maybe. :)

It's okay I look like I have chicken pox, these chiggers and mosquitos will NOT stop me from running!
It's okay I keep working on the projects that I enjoy over the ones that neeeeed to be done first, I am having fun!
It's okay that I love to put "ie" or "y" at the ends of words, it makes everything cutesy.
It's okay that I just stand admiring my newly remodeled bedroom, I will get over it soon enough.
It's okay that I write down things I have already done in my planner so I can mark them off. It makes me feel more productive.
It's okay that I ran over that huge, hidden rock, no one would have noticed the dent/crack if I hadn't told them.
It's okay if I get super excited and act like a child when my sister gets to come visit, she's my sister!
It's okay that I continue to look at my wrist for a time long after I have taken my watch off, it is entertainment for many.
It's okay that I have been super vocal to crazy drivers lately, they can't hear me when my windows are up.
It's okay that I tried to see how loud I would have to yell for the person in the car next to me, with their windows rolled down, to hear me... I was alone so no one's ear drums were injured in the experiment... and I could never get the person to hear me. :( (not a joke!)

Have some fun and tell yourself all those ridiculous things you did or did not do is okay.


  1. I love running too! I'm sure those mosquito bites got nothing on your beauty girl!

  2. I've started tell myself that after things happen to me during the week too! Cute blog, new follower :)

    I also have a giveaway going on over at my blog that you should come check out!

  3. New follower - I like writing things down in my planner, too. I keep a little one in my purse. I haven't gotten into putting it all in my iphone - altho I keep saying I will!

    1. Yay! Nice to meet you!
      I hate that! I go back and forth between using my phone because it will give me reminders and my planner because I like seeing it all written out at once. Then I have some in one place and some in another, and it is just a constant power struggle. lol I over think these things... I think. haha

  4. Did you post pictures of the new bedroom? Wait, is that too personal? I'm thinking from a design standpoint obviously. Um is it ok that I totally sounded like a creepster?

    p.s. It's ok to yell at stupid drivers with your windows down also. It's what I do. Oh, yeah, I'm all brave and big time when I'm in my car!


    1. hehe I haven't I don't believe... maybe some in Instagram, but not an offical post. hehe you make me laugh!
      I like to yell at people when my sister is in the car with me. She gets scared and tells me I am going to cause road rage and get us killed. haha I guess she still hasn't figured out I do it to get a response out of her!

  5. great list :) i always write things down in a planner too!

  6. Love this!!


    Have a fabulous day! xo

  7. I LOVE this post. And I love you! I thoroughly enjoyed your room one and I was just thinking...I have yet to see it!!!! Pictures please!?