Wednesday, June 20, 2012

She's back!

Welp, it's back! Today's Miss Conservative post is going to be all about some fun/cheap/healthy things to do this summer. We all come to those days that we just want to celebrate summer and all its simplicity, okay that's everyday, but here are some ways to celebrate summer without busting your wallet.
Here we go!

1. Fro-Yo! Frozen yogurt has been an emerging rave that has come about in the recent years. I feel like it is an alternate environment to a coffee shop. You meet up with friends there, have meetings there, or just get a yummy fruity snack after a swim. Whatever your motive, it is a great summer treat. There are several popular chains that have come about, Orange Leaf, Peachwave, Cherry Berry... but the one that I have come to really enjoy is Yolotti. Yolotti is a fozen yogurt and coffee place with all natural flavors. Yes, they have the sweet stuff, but they are natural ingredients. I have not tried their coffee, but I have heard it is great.
2. Farmer's Markets! What better way to spend your Saturday mornings than gazing upon the freshest fruit and vegetables, and my favorite... FLOWERS! I just love getting some fresh flowers. 
3. Thrift store/antique store browsing. Now obviously you can do this anytime of the year, but I have found that laid back summers are the best time to really relax and spend some time discovering new, cute, stores. I love going to little downtown shops. They are always so cute and locally owned of course! I am looking forward to visiting a local town that has some adorable store fronts! I will be posting those pictures as soon as I get them. :)
4. Another great summer treat is quite obvious, sno cones! So many flavors and colors, what's not to love. I especially enjoy them after doing some hard yard work. They are a great way to cool off and share some laughs with buds. We have a very renowned sno cone shack called, "Josh's Sno Cone's." Very original don't ya think? hehe But Josh's is the place to go if you are looking for some shaved ice. Plus!!! They are always super affordable. All you mommies can sleep easy knowing you can get your kiddos one... or two, and they will love you as much as if you got them a frapp from Starbucks! (Don't know how these mommies with 5 kids can do that!)
And if you are a regular sno cone eater, you can just buy the flavors at Walmart, then all you need is crushed ice (if you have a good ice crusher already you don't even have to buy one, but those are also available at Walmart).
5. And last but not least, for some fun with friends, why not have an Instagram photo scavenger hunt? This is so much fun! I have done many a photo scavenger hunts, but Instagram has just widened the possibilities. Used to, you would have to wait on the text messages to send and then it could fail, or someone else could send their at the same time and get the phone messages all jammed up, etc etc. Now you can just upload to Instagram and everyone sees the clues and the entries at the same time. If you wanna try this out and need more details, just email me and I will try to elaborate more. Anyways, it is a great activity for the kiddos or with friends!
So there you go! Enjoy summer and save some green for fall... or vacation, which ever comes first. :D 
Have a happy Wednesday!


  1. ah, such awesome ideas! especially love the instagram scavenger hunt! thanks for sharing your tips!

  2. I'm so excited to get to go to some farmer's markets this summer. I went to one last week and it was horrible! I need to find another one ASAP!