Monday, December 3, 2012

The gift that keeps on giving


Christmas is a beautiful time of year. 
The dazzling lights, glowing candles, sweet melody of music.
The wishing for snow, making of lists, and baking of cookies.
Going on sleigh rides, sledding down hills, and getting held up in traffic.
Lighting the fire, snuggling up in covers, and watching the old Christmas classics.
It is a beautiful, wonderful, and meaningful season.

Many people have tried to give the meaning of Christmas in many different ways and with many different words, but I have determined this word to be the true picture of what Christmas stands for... Hope.

Christmas is hope rekindled. 
The hope that for at least this one time of year, our families can gather from the outskirts of the country and celebrate together. 
The hope that our world does still have love and goodness in its heart.
The hope for a new year just upon the horizon.
The hope for all men. 
The hope that thousands of years ago, Jesus, who is the son of God, chose to be born in the lowliest of states, to a virgin, in a manger, that he might save the world from sin and darkness. 
The hope that because Jesus came, died, was raised from the dead, and ascended into heaven, we will one day soon see Him return for his people.
That is the hope for all men.

As you may have read on my "Reach Ethiopia" page, I will soon be traveling to Ethiopia, Africa to a village near the border of Sudan to offer this same hope to men, women, and children who have never heard of such a miracle. It is such an honor and privilege to share the hope that I have come to know in my life to these people. I would like to include you in this effort. Through prayer and through giving you can share this hope with the people in Bongo, Ethiopia. 

If you would like to donate to my trip and to the mission of sharing this hope with people who have never known of hope you can donate through Paypal. For any donation you make I would like to give you a free ad on my sidebar as a thank you for teaming up with me in this effort. You may not be able to personally go and tell these Ethiopians about the hope of Christ, but you can be a part of this trip. Thank you in advance for helping me impact Ethiopia with the gospel of Christ.

Stay informed on the progress of the trip as well as reports following the trip.

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