Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sister Talk LIVE

This week the Sister Talk vlog series is coming to you a little late because it is coming to you LIVE! Or what was live. d:

Danette and I were honored to be invited to do a live episode of Sister Talk at a monthly ladies gathering here in Tulsa, OK called La Belle. The focus of the evening was God's faithfulness through hardship and tough situations. We all have a different version of the hardship, but one thing our stories do share in common is God's faithfulness. Our sisters and our sisters in Christ are many times tools that God can use to help us in a physical way encourage us and comfort us. So Danette and I shared some of the toughest situations that we have faced and how God and our sisters saw us through them.
Hope you enjoy this week's edition of the Sister Talk! 

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  1. You girls are hilarious! Thanks for sharing your stories :)