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Sponsor Showcase

It is that time again, one of my favorite posts because I get to combine some of my sponsors (and my favorite bloggers) all in one post and brag about them! What could top that? :D

I do have some lovely ladies to introduce to you, plus they have some goodies for you at the end of the post. You probably expected that, but it is still sweet of them. right? Well I am just highlighting these ladies and their blogs, to get the full story the best place to look is... you guessed it, THEIR blogs. Okay, let's get crackin'!

Rachael Eliker from The Rehomesteaders' Blog
I have just recently met Rachael, and immediately I was drawn to her blog. I actually asked her to have an ad space on my blog, because I am all about promoting my favorite blogs. Check her out and I know you will love her too.
On the blog:
"I don't have anything in particular going on at the blog at the moment--it's just there and updated frequently.  I love new followers and comments."

Rachael has quite the set of goals for not just herself, but also for her family, and her blog. Check out her full list here.
"As for my blog, I started it to help family member keep current with our family since we live out-of-state.  It has evolved into a record of our personal triumphs, observed blessings, fabulous adventures, funny stories and home improvement accomplishments, sprinkled with recipes, crafts and sewing ideas.  As an aspiring author, it's also a platform to hopefully aid in publishing a memoir and/or some novels.  It's a little bit of everything! :)"

Something interesting, and I find rather funny about Rachael: "I don't like balloons near my face.  In the back of my mind, I'm afraid it's going to pop which always makes me jump."

Rachael will be giving birth to her third child soon! So Exciting! Swing by and say hello to this soon to be mommy of 3.
Connect with Rachael:
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Kylie Kreikemeier from K and Camera blog
I could say this about all of these lady's blogs, but for real, I really enjoy reading Kylie's blog. First of all I love looking at her great pictures, and second of all she has some great things to say too. I found Kylie on a blog hop, but I didn't just add her to get another follower, I followed her because I liked what I read.
Here's what is going on at K and Camera:
"My blog is keeping busy showcasing tons of senior portraits lately!"

And the purpose for her blog:
"The purpose for my blog is to have an outlet for my creative soul and photography artwork :)"

Something you may or may not be able to relate to (hehe):
"I will eat any piece of candy placed in front of me! :/"

Okay, let's just admit it, many of us can relate to that statement! d:

Connect with Kylie:

"Hi! I'm Paige and I blog at Eloping Stethoscope. I'm 21 years old and married to my husband, Cody. I'm currently in nursing school, which makes me kind of high strung and stressed to the max. I do have lots of fun stories though, so if I can legally share them, I promise I will! I'm pretty shy until you know me and almost never introduce myself first but I have realized that I'm bolder when I go somewhere by myself. Once you get to know me, I'm pretty silly/weird. I like to make up words and Cody just has to go along with them. I also make jewelry because I need a creative outlet or I will go insane and jewelry was the perfect choice since most jewelry I came across in stores kind of sucked, to be honest. I hope you'll come visit and say hi!"

Here is a girl who is hard at work. Let me just say this girl is all over the blog world. She is not just a great blogger, she is a great networker. I love it when bloggers are more about the interaction that goes on rather than the number of followers they can get.
Here's what is happening on the blog:
"Right now, I don't have anything too major going on, except I switched my shop from storenvy to etsy. I have a giveaway going live on September 28th and blogworking Wednesday (the blog hop that I run) is scheduled for October 10th."

Here are Paige's goals for Eloping Stethoscope:
"My personal goal for my blog is to help people. I've been told that my nursing series helped current and future nursing students and even non-nursing students have told me they really liked it. I also love hearing that people think I'm very real on my blog because I hope to always be myself and tell it like it is! My original purpose was to document my first year of marriage, but it has turned into so much more than that!"

Connect with Paige:
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Meet Allyssa from Lyss Barn
Some exciting things are ahead at Lyss Barn.
"I'm starting to do some freelance design work! I'm in the middle of redoing my design site and I'm planning on opening a blog shop!"

One thing that I really enjoy about Lyss Barn is that Allyssa documents the beauty in everything. Whether it is a cute outfit, style, nature view, she captures the moment and shares it.

Allyssa purpose behind her blog:
"The purpose of my blog is to share my interests and make new friends. I also hope that somehow my blog can help someone, whether it's by putting a smile on their face or by providing them with an awesome recipe! My overall goal is to inspire people and make everyone's life a bit happier!"

Here is the insider scoop on Allyssa:
"I'm a web designer from New Jersey. Since I'm a designer, I can be found at my computer practically all day. But if I'm not there, I'm probably in my kitchen baking! In fact, my dream is to one day open up a bake shop! I love country music, thunderstorms, and cats. I have a slight obsession with nail polish and purses. I randomly talk in weird accents without even realizing it." 

Connect with Allyssa:

"Hi! My name is Pamela and I am the lovely lady behind Pamela's Heavenly Treats, I must first say that without God none of this would be possible.  I am a wife, mother of 6, homeschool teacher and I have a small Healthy Cupcake & Cookie business. Everything that I make is made with 100% Whole Wheat Flour and my secret ingredients.  I have a weekly link party that runs from Saturday to Wednesday called Heavenly Treats Sunday, would love to have you.  I also have a Etsy shop where I sell my healthy mixes!  Come on over and visit!"

Pamela has cooks with a purpose. She hopes to
"help people find healthy recipes for desserts, so you don't have to feel guilty for eating a treat."

A little bit about Pamela that you may not pick up at first glance:
"I am a kid at heart, sing with my kiddies, play Wii Michael Jackson Dance, love water parks."

Just be warned, Pamela's blog has side effects of watering mouth and a growling stomach. Her treats are so yummy to look at and best thing is you can get some for yourself from her shop!

Connect with Pamela:
Blog ~ Etsy   ~ Twitter  ~ Pinterest 

Presenting Chelsea from Yours Truly
Here is what is going on around the blog:
"I do blog designs and your readers can get 10% off both premade and custom designs if they mention your blog at time of purchasing. I also host the Return The Favor hop every Wednesday where you can link up GFC/Twitter/Facebook/Bloglovin (alternates hop type every week)."

Chelsea's blog is on the rise. Seriously I have gotten to see it grow and grow and grow, but the great thing is Chelsea is still all about connecting and keeping up with her readers. I love bloggers who want to stay in touch with their readers and also be apart of other blogs.

Chelsea's goals and purpose for her blog include:
"My goal at the moment is to become more of a versatile blogger. I want to offer posts of all types of things that I love: fashion, DIY, design and whatever else. I am trying to write more personally as well instead of just doing "generic" posts."

Okay, this may make you laugh, because I know it did me:
"I can do a super high pitched helium voice without being under the influence of helium, and I do it in public sometimes to make my boyfriend embarrassed. awkward. awesome."

Connect with Chelsea:
Blog   Shop   bloglovin   twitter    Instagram   facebook   hellocotton   pinterest

Now this is one blogger that I know very well, too well perhaps. haha Because she is my sister! I am sure you already know that, but almost every week I get a comment on Sister Talk (the vlog series that Danette and I do together every Monday) "I had no idea you two were sisters!" Well we are :D
Obviously I follow Danette's blog and I absolutely stand behind it because she makes me... no, no, no, really I know the lady and she is a great person, not just blog, to follow. She has great fashion, great style, and great, inspiring, words to say.

The driving force behind All My Love For All My Days blog:
"I want to share my love for life with people who read my blog.  I hope they feel inspired to share love and create their a world around themselves that is bright and meaningful." 

And here is what Danette has to say about herself:
"I am a confessed weirdo. I drive myself crazy...literally."
Hmmm, I think I would have to agree with this assessment. lol

Connect with Danette:
Blog   hellocotton   facebook   twitter

Courtney from Chase All Your Dreams
So if you are in a shopping mood, Courtney has just the thing for YOU!
"Right now there's a 50% jewelry clearance sale going on at my shop, Midnight City Creations ( Code: JEWELRY2012. Also, there's FREE shipping when you purchase a handmade wreath. Code: WREATHS2012."

Ummm, sale? Yes please! Here's what Chase All Your Dreams is all about in Courtney's own words:
"Chase All Your Dreams is a lifestyle blog about my life in college and journey into the music business. It's where I talk about my life in college and outside of it, my thoughts, opinions, things I like, and whatever else pops into my head."

Sounds like lots of fun and very spontaneous don't ya think? And much like my musical sisters, Courtney LOVES music! I think that is a good thing seeing as she is studying it in college.
"I LOVE music, it's a huge passion of mine. If we ever meet in person, our conversation will mainly be about music. I can go on for hours about it."

So there ya go, if you like music here is an instant conversation starter with Courtney.

Connect with Courtney:


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