Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Right...Wright Stuff

hi yall!
i'm kristen from the wright stuff and i'm so excited to be part of pointing up today! dalayna was so sweet to do a post swap for the day! here's a little bit about myself before i get started:

I guess you could say I’m a lifestyle
blogger. Blogging is such a fun world to be a part of and I’m thankful for it
every day. I love nail polish, lip gloss, diet coke, baubles, military man, my furbabies,
and shopping….So these things are what I blog about. I’ve been married almost
three years to my best friend and love of my life. He inspires me and
challenges me to be the best every day. I love to get to know my followers so
feel free to email me at any time and comment galore!

well as i stated above i LOVE nail polish...
in fact i'm probably an addict!
there's something so fun in the colors and the creativity that comes with painting my own nails.
makes me feel good when i do them myself!
this summer i've participated in THREE polish swaps. 
yup you read that right. THREE!
and i'm co-hosting a swap next month!!!!
it's been so fun to get to know some new gals and pick some awesome colors for them :)
here's a few of my summer mani's!!!

i figured it would be fun to share my favorites with you and give a few pointers for how i get my nails to look close to salon perfect!!!

my favorite "big spender" color: butter london: toff

my favorite "natural" color: essie: fiji

my favorite brand: Julep Maven

my favorite "budget friendly" color: revlon colorstay: buttercup

ok so now that you've seen my fav's...it's time for my tricks of the trade. hehe. and i'm self taught so it's just what i've picked up over time.

1.give yourself plenty of time to polish. at least an hour. i usually paint my nails at night while watching tv or playing on the computer. when on the comp your nails don't touch anything so they have time to dry!!!
2.put on a base coat and top coat. i swear this makes them last twice as long. my fav base coat is julep maven and my fav top coat is seche vite.
3.do one hand at a time and let it completely dry before you begin the other. and let each coat dry in between. i give 4-5 min between coats and 6-8 min between hands.
4.paint your nails at night so that when you shower the next morning you can scrape away any "uh-oh" spots while your skin is wet!
5.before you begin to paint....make sure your nails are free of cuticles and imperfections in the nail. do this by buffing your nails first. then run them under water and gently push back and trim cuticles.

have fun. be creative. remember its just nail polish and you can change it any time you want!

what's your favorite colors?!? any tips you want to share?!?



  1. Cool tips! I'm a big fan of nail painting and I hadn't heard of tip #4 before. I'll be sure to give a try :)

    xo, Adriana.