Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The beauty of friendship

We all love friends. We love knowing that we have someone we can call up anytime and know they will be as happy to hear from us as we are to hear from them. We love having someone to go shopping with, go to coffee, or just catch a movie and hang out. We like having someone. But the fact is, we need someone. That is one thing that I have come to learn throughout my life’s journey. You see, I am an independent person, I always have been. I used to have a lot of pride with that independence (Not always a good combination). It took some time, but I have learned that I don’t just want friends for convenience sake, I need them. I need ladies who have something to add to my life, who will encourage me, and sometimes call me out. I need ladies that have something that I don’t have, so that I can be challenged to be more than I already am. We all need good friendships.

Part of the beauty of friendship that I have come to appreciate so very much is being able to bear one another’s burdens. It’s biblical and it is literal. We all go through difficult times that overwhelm us. Now, Jesus has promised not to give us more than we can handle, but have you ever thought that He never intended on you doing it alone? Yes, He won’t give us more than we can handle, but He didn’t ask us to deal with life’s difficulties alone, He told us to bear one another’s burdens. When a friend is going through a difficult time, you help them get through it by taking some of the weight of the situation off of them and carry it along side of them. And when you are going through a difficult time, it is your friend’s opportunity to return the favor. That is the beauty of friendship.

Friendship is not about who you can be associated with, or who makes you laugh and entertains you the most, it’s not even about who is the most fun to be with; it’s about who you can do life with and grow with. Who is going to be there by your side at your best and not be jealous of your victories, and still be there at your worst and not walk off when things get tough. Who will bear your burdens and allow you to bear theirs.

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  1. You are so right girl. Our friendships, our TRUE friendships are ones that can keep us accountable to HIM!