Monday, August 13, 2012

Here's a tip...


1. Start with text
a.     What do you want it to say?
Here is where we start, text. Obviously you have to know what you want to say, what is your purpose for the graphic. However, it is best to keep the text to a minimum. The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” really is true. People read a graphic or image, so if you overload it with text they are just getting those words and missing the other 900 words in the image. Keep it clear and keep it concise, which is the best practice. Still have a lot of information? Make it interesting. Use different font, size, leading, or tracking; bold it, color it, whatever you need to do to prevent your audience from giving up on reading your message.
b.     What message do you want your audience to get?
Because your audience is reading more than the text you have on your graphic, the message you want to send needs to be just as clear. Make sure your styles throughout the graphic connect. For example, if you are promoting a post about crafting you don’t want your text to say “Miss Crafty,” and use flowering brushes with little bugs and a cursive font that sends the message “let’s garden”! You may use some layering of different patterned squares, buttons in the corners, with stitch lettering.
2. Font matters
a.     Font is one of the basics, but it is a make or break
This goes back into the message you want to send, your font needs to match the theme of your message. Text can be a make or break for a graphic. I would say that if your font goes un-noticed than you picked the perfect font, but if it sticks out it is probably because it clashes with your graphic. You need to get a lot out of your font; your font needs to fit the message and be readable. If your audience has to squint to read your font and an added stroke or drop shadow does not fix it, you may have to sacrifice creativity for readability. Bottom line, if you can’t read it it is unnecessary.
3. Color Scheme

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