Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hot Topics: Sister Talk

We are baaaaaack!

We are bringing you some of today's hot topics. Feel free the chime in and let us know what you think.
We always have such fitting thumbnail screens, huh? haha

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Coffee Mug Swap

Talk to you soon ;)
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  1. Love Switched At Birth! But I'm behind on it, so I need to catch up!

  2. Say, I got your message on my blog. I don't know why I didn't get your email...I had to hijack the picture from the blog I got the award from. I copied the image and put it on mine. I went back three or four people to try to find a button, but got tired of searching for their award posts :)
    Visitors welcome :)
    {All follows are followed back}

  3. I love the design of your blog so much!
    I'm a big fan of switched at birth, I can't wait for it to start!!!!
    Makeup by Rachel