Friday, August 24, 2012

Yes, I'm bragging.


Today is a special day because first of all it's Friday!
Also because I get to share some special people with you, my sponsors! Ad sales aside, the thing that I so appreciate about these lovely ladies is that they are a part of my blog... my sidebar, but still I consider them a part of the whole blog. I read their blogs, follow them on twitter, and let me tell you, they are not just great blogs to follow they are great women behind the blogs. They are ladies that I would encourage you to get to know. So without anymore blumbering... 
here they are!

First we have Mia from The Chronicles of Chaos
Mia is a busy wife and mommy to 2 boys and a crazy lab. If you are ever looking for some craft or recipe to experiment with, this is the blog to go to. She is always coming up with some nifty ideas! Speaking of great ideas, Mia is hosting a pen pal program. This allows you to connect with bloggers in an even great way and offline! Whoa, crazy right? Well you can still join by heading over and linking up here.
Mia says her goals and purpose behind her blog are,
"to indulge my absolute passion for writing, and also connecting with others- no matter what stage in life we're at, we all have something to share with one another and I find it so fascinating to read people's comments and forge new friendships." 
By the way, did you know Mia wants to become a published author? Yea! And when she does you can say, "Hey I used to read her blogs and now she is a big deal!"
Here's how you can connect with Mia:

Next up, Jennifer from My {Not So} Glamorous Life
Jennifer's description of herself makes me laugh, she says "I'm a 30-ish year old frazzled, homemaking mommy who's always on the go!" Jenn... can I call you Jenn? Jenn (I hope so!) is a mommy to two boys and one little girl. 
"I attempt to run to several appointments each week, clean house, cook meals, and still keep just a few ounces of my sanity in tact."
She makes me laugh, I can't help but quote her! I have loved getting to know Jenn. She is seriously so sweet and somehow stays positive no matter how crazy her life gets. One thing is for sure, she is a wonderful mommy who loves her family... A LOT. 
Jennifer says her goals for her blog are,
"to give other women inspiration for my simple projects and/or recipes, and to give mommy's a place to find someone to relate to. Just keepin' it real here."
Her purpose,
"purely selfish. This is something that is my own. It doesn't belong to my husband or children. It's optional, not expected or an obligation. It's fun for me."
And that is one thing Jennifer does, is keep things fun! Find Jennifer and her {Not So} Glamorous blog through:

Sara is a teacher turned nursing student, who loves her husband, and they both LOVE to travel. This girl is a dreamer! She has big plans and lots of goals, she obviously doesn't settle for a normal, mediocre life. Here are some of her big time goals. Here is a little snip it of what you will find at You.And.Me.Are.We:
You.And.Me.Are.We is a lifestyle blog chronicling the life of two newlyweds {Sara & Trevor}. You'll find the DIY crafts, how they're making a rented duplex into a {temporary} home, travel stories, {mostly successful} recipes, and everything in between! You never know what you're gonna find!
There are tons of good stuff over on Sara's blog, including an upcoming giveaway that is going to be HUGE! Be on the look out for that. If you want to skip to the highlights, here are some of the favorite posts:

Here are Sara's purpose and goals for her blog:
"I started blogging as a way to preserve memories. My husband and I are so busy that I find we're always just trying to get things done and move on to the next task. I thought if I had a place to write my thoughts, feelings, and our experiences that I would be forced to be accountable regarding the present time. You.And.Me.Are.We is a great outlet for that!"
Connect with Sara through her social media:

Kristen from The Wright Stuff
Kristen is such a doll! I absolutely love following her blog. I love that she doesn't just blog to get people to follow her, she really blogs with the intention of meeting her followers! Wow, what a concept. lol She is a teacher, but that doesn't stop her from dressing super trendy and cute! (Sorry, but teachers do have a certain look) One thing this lady does I love, she has a Wednesday link up for people to post their giveaways, so it is a one stop shot for us who are wanting to win some prizes. She is also participating in a brand new link up called Loving Lately. I just recently heard about this myself and it sounds like lots of fun!
Kristen's personal goals are
"to be a great wife, baker, cook, and friend!!!"

And now here are a few words from Kristen herself!
Hi! I'm Kristen from The Wright Stuff and I am so glad to be a part of Pointing Up!!! I started blogging as a way to keep in touch with friends and family after moving away from home and it's moved into so much more for me. I have met some amazing "bloggy" friends and love getting to know my followers :). My blog is all about my favorite things: fashion, beauty, family, and friends. If you knew me you would know: i am addicted to nail polish and diet coke, love my military man more than the world, have two sweet pups that are my kids, texas girl through and through, die hard hamburger lover, cupcake adorer, and teacher. Come stop by anytime!!! xox~Kristen
Connect with Kristen here:

And last but CERTAINLY not least, Charlotte from Berice Baby
Goodness, how cute is that baby?! Now for all of you who love vlogs (like myself) here is one especially for you! Charlotte does 2 videos a week whether it be for a product review, food prep for the adorable Hayden, or a day in the life. Product reviews are something Charlotte does best, so if you are in the market... chat with her! And seriously, why can't I have such a beautiful accent?? Oh yea, I am from Oklahoma! haha
Berice Baby gives you a great look into Charlotte's life. You learn all about her journey and all of her dreams ahead of her.
"My personal goals are to open my own online baby store with exclusive top of the range baby items."
Well she absolutely has the style to do it! She is from London! Did I mention that? I would LOVE to visit and see all the beauty of London. Hopefully one day, when I have kids and Lotte has her baby store, I can bring a piece of London style to the states!

Charlotte's purpose for the blog is all about baby Hayden :)
"The purpose of this blog is a little showcase for my son Hayden, hopefully it will be a little hotspot for him to look back on and also for family and friends to keep updated with our daily lives if they don't get to see us on a regular basis."
This is definitely a family friendly and a family loving blog! Visit with Charlotte through any or all of her social media links.

Okay, now you may have a little bit of an idea of how awesome my sponsors are. I have reason to brag! So now we will treat you! Here are some awesome prizes from the sponsors.

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  3. Thanks for sharing your sponsors, just been blog hopping and found some lovely ladies.
    Have a nice weekend :)

  4. I blog as a way to get out how I'm feeling and hope that others can relate in some way. :) Just a place to go and write!

  5. I blog for fun, fashion, and to hopefully get ideas for future outfits and stay creative.

  6. To meet new people, for fun, to just be able to write and to get business to my designs :)