Thursday, August 30, 2012

Good things come in 2

Today is a special day!
It is a special day because I will be reunited with my partner in crime, McKenna. I haven't gotten to see her very much lately since her twin brother's arrival, but today we are going to party like rockstars! :D
I am not quite sure what all today will hold. I am thinking swimming, running some errands (sorry MK), and there must be a sweet treat. Her favorite is chocolate and cupcakes, but I have been getting her into frozen yogurt. Us girls have to watch our figures. hehe I will have to get creative seeing we can't come to my house! Still under construction, ugh.... More on that another day.

Now onto my current crush!

I even found some of my potential future wedding dresses! Which one do you like better?
This one....
Or this one?

 I love lace blazers too.
Get my full lace affections here via Pinterest.

Pointing Up news!
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3. BIG BIG news. My sister, Danette from All My Love For All My Days is opening her shop Blue Jay Boutique in just a few short days! Keep your eyes open for the launch day.
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  1. totally digging that first wedding dress!! amazing!

  2. I love lace! I really want to get a lace blazer!

  3. OOH a lace blazer...could i pull it off? not sure, but i love it, so elegant!

  4. ps. and the first wedding dress, that back....amazeballs :)