Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A report from Seattle {a guest post}

Last Wednesday I brought you a post entitled "hello & goodbyes". In it I introduced my dear friend, Danielle, who I was sadly having to say goodbye to as she journeyed across the nation to transplant in Washington. But I have good news, she is back! Ok, not really, but I did ask her to join us and give us some words of encouragement during this time of her transition.
Danielle blogs over at Every Day Elise. Go check her out and say hi for me!

“So be sure when you step. Step with care and great tact and remember that Life’s a Great Balancing Act.” – Dr. Seuss
If you’ve ever read my blog then you know that quotes are my absolute favorite. Despite the fact that I’m technically an adult one of my favorite books is by none other than Dr. Seuss: Oh, the Places you’ll Go! If you’ve never read the book than you are desperately missing out. My favorite thing about this book is not that it rhymes (which is one of my favorite past times), and it’s not that it is positive and reminds people they will most likely succeed. My favorite thing about the book is that it tells people that sometimes life will throw you curve balls and you won’t always be happy but you will make it through. I love that it tells people that you must step with confidence and care and tact.
Moving across country when I only know a few people and have no idea of what job I’ll have or if I’ll be able to afford an apartment is probably considered a foolish step, but it’s one I’ve done with great care and some confidence. I don’t really have this “tact” concept down yet, but hopefully it comes with age.
 Since being here (for all of two weeks) I have learned that it is lot less important that I am confident in myself and a lot more important that I am confident in God. It’s not exactly easy moving here with nothing but hope of finding home. There are many times when I am sad, a little lost, and very lonely. In the lonely times it is hard to consider why I am here and what I am doing and why I decided to do this at all. Thankfully I am able to trust that God is good and that he would not have called me here to abandon me.
I don’t know where you are in life. Maybe you’ve just adjusted from a transition and can finally call where you are home. Or maybe you’re about to transition. Or maybe you’re right in the middle of it. Wherever you are, you’re going to be okay. It may not seem like it now but eventually. Once you’ve taken your head full of brains and shoes full of feet up to high heights and fallen in a lurch, and climbed out of your slump, and you’ve raced through the waiting place and survived the lonely race, and you’ve hiked on when you thought you could not and faced up to your problems whether you wanted to or not, then you will see that the places you’ve gone have had a purpose, greater than you and me.
I feel like during these times of transition God looks down and encourages us to step with confidence and reminds us that he’s ordered our steps and to knows all the places we’ll go, and he’ll go with us to.
                                                           Danielle Elise

Isn't she great? I am very proud to call her my friend; she is doing what is not popular, comfortable, or easy, but it is worth it. Be sure to check her out and give her some love.


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