Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sister talk follow up {guest post}

3 Tips on Dealing with Tension in the Workplace
Hi everyone! I'm Ashley from over at After Nine To Five. My main goal with my blog is to inspire people to do more after the daily grind is over. Back in 2010, I made the jump from the corporate ladder to self-employment and have never looked back. But in the time that I was a part of the daily grind that I loathed, I had my fair share of workplace tension that constantly reminds me why I jumped ship on to my current path. Today I wanted to share some tips that helped me get through those tough times and still work for me today on my new journey.
Tension: the act of stretching or straining. The state of being stretched or strained.
Just the very definition of tension makes it sound unappealing and negative. But I've always believed that the right amount of stress or tension creates the perfect challenge. The perfect challenge in our lives, our careers, and our goals. The same goes for the people in our lives. The right amount of stress or tension between two people can create the perfect challenge, especially when it comes to the workplace.

Here are three tips on how to create deal with tension in the corporate world and transform it into good tension.

Be the better person. In my last job in the corporate world, I met her: the one person that found a way to get under every inch of my skin. She was rude, ignorant, crass, insincere, self-centered, and had a giant ego. And she was the one to train me when I was hired on. The tension between us was massive from before I even started and the entire team knew it, but I never let it prevent me from doing my job. It just reminded me to be the better person each and every day I went into work.

Use it as a challenge. Tension can make or break you – either way, it's your choice. Let it be the bump in the road that shows you that you're able to overcome the impossible. Choose to take the challenge, figure out how to battle it, and succeed. The tension between you and another person can be a good motivator to work harder, be faster and learn more. Just be careful to not get too competitive as that can hinder you more than it can help you.

Know that sometimes it's just not to be. There is bound to be at least one person that you just can't beat. No matter how many times you're the better person, and no matter how many challenges you overcome – sometimes it's just not meant to be. Not everyone is meant to be friends or even acquaintances so at times, it truly is a losing battle. Life stays interesting because of how unique all of us are so chalk it up to your differences and move forward.

Wow, such wonderful advice!
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Now that you have these great tips, go have that conversation you have been dreading, confront that problem you have been avoiding, you can do it and you will grow from the challenge.


  1. Some really great advice! Tension can become a positive challenge that can make you a stronger person in the end!


  2. Great tips, Ashley! I like the "use it as a challenge"

  3. Loved reading this! Awesome advice.

  4. Great advice! I'll have to keep these tips in mind.