Saturday, July 28, 2012

a week in review

This week has been a wee bit crazy in my area of the world. I am going on a youth trip to Louisville, Kentucky (any Kentuckians out there?) in a WEEK! Wow, that happened fast. So it seems like I have been holding onto the days to get everything prepared before the trip. 

This week I did something I really don't do that often, went to a concert. Okay, I know that doesn't sound like anything significant, but let me just tell ya I am not usually a concert type of girl. It's not that I don't like music, I do! But I just feel like what are you supposed to do?? I mean they are singing their hearts out and I am standing (in this case) just watching them. I usually don't know what to do with myself. haha But I went to a concert to see Disciple and acted like a silly, you know, for the kids (you can only imagine).

You may not have heard of them before, but they are actually a pretty big name Christian rock band. They aren't what I would call a screamo band, but some of their songs are screamo. I have seen them one time before and I really enjoyed them then, and again they were great! They are very versatile and all of their songs have a great message. PLUS! We (the youth and I) got to eat dinner with the band! Okay, I bribed them. haha I offered to provide dinner if they would eat with us, but they still did! (I have a small connection with one of the band member's wife so you better believed I used it.) They were great people to hang out with and great people to see in concert. 
Here is a behind the song to "Dear X, You Don't Own Me."

I also got the joy of watching MK for a couple of hours while mommy went to a cooking class. Man, it blows my mind how fast they grow up. Seems like I took this picture yesterday!
Now she can do everything herself including take care of her little twin brothers. She likes to give them finger kisses. hehe One lesson you can always learn from MK is be bold and be brave. I think those are the two words that I would use to describe her in her second year of life. Here she is coloring (one of her favorite things to do, especially on things that shouldn't be colored on) and watching Toy Story with Jackson. He has to keep his eyes on her while she is here, plus she is the one who drops the most food when she eats! 
Hope you all have had a great week. Don't want to freak anyone out, especially you momas, but summer is almost over! Don't forget to enter the HUGE giveaway going on over at Our Reflection, I'm talking huge people!


  1. Found you via the giveaway and am happy to be following! I saw Disciple in concert a couple of times. I really enjoy their music. :)

  2. Such great photos!!! And yay for Louisville - you'll like it!

    Keep Shining,

  3. I grew up just outside of Louisville! If you want the inside scoop..we say it Lou-a-vulle! People will be impressed! Have fun and good luck getting ready!