Thursday, July 26, 2012

Just call me the Drama Queen

So if you did not know this about me, I was a drama major in college. Technically my degree was in New Media Drama, which pretty much means I studied Media (filming, directing, screen writing, video editing, graphic design, etc.) and Drama (the history, directing, scriptwriting, stage design, costume design, makeup design, THE WORKS!). Of course I was in drama in High School too, but I didn't get too invested in it because I was spread thin by other extracurricular activities. However I did get to go to drama contest one year. I did a piece about a women who is struggling with addiction... to shopping. The monologue is about her trying to remain calm amongst special event sales signs. Before long, her arms and legs are taking her against her will. She begins to fight with other customers over merchandise, calling it "survival of the fittest". Then she gets into the dressing room and finds herself in another place, in her happy place of bargains and clothes. As she leaves, checks out, and heads to the door, it is as if all the sales force in the store is waiving and telling her a tearful goodbye. She reassures them, "don't worry, tax free weekend will be here before you know it!"

This was a fun monologue to perform and get some laughs with, but what was exaggerated in the drama is still very true about me and many other women, we. love. bargains. It is like a contest who can get the best one. Personally I have shopping trips that are dedicated to finding some awesome bargains while other times I am more about finding the outfit I have designed in my head. Luckily, sometimes I get both what is a bargain and what idea was in my head. Last weekend I wasn't really planning on shopping, just browsing and looking around, but did I ever find some bargains! I don't have pictures of everything, but here are a few of my great finds.

First stop, JC Penney's.
 Call It Spring shoes $14 (fourteen!!!)

You can't really tell the cuteness of this skirt until you see it on. It is one of those with a sheer top layer and a thicker short skirt underneath. I can't wait to wear this one. You ready for this? 
10 bucks!
Next stop, Purse-a-nality. You have heard me talk about this cute little boutique before, but this is quite an interesting business. It is ran and advertised solely on Facebook, and it has just grown and grown. As a celebration for having 5,000 people join her Facebook page, the owner did a special promotion of 5 items at 50% off. And that was enough for me. Again, I got several things including the pants and necklace seen here, but here is one other thing I got.
With 50% off it came to a wapping $6.
Now this final piece is the one that I would like to highlight. I just adore this top I got from JC Penney's. It is what I would call precious moments. hehe And I paid $6 for this lovely. Here's how I wore it.
I love the sleeves!

The ear rings I wore. The way that I wore it I wanted the jewelry to be simple but cutesy. I wanted to highlight the shirt so I didn't do any necklaces. I actually did have a watch and some rings on but I guess I had taken them off in these pictures. Oh well.

Ok enough about me, let's here about some great bargains that YOU have found!
Speaking of bargains, who doesn't like giveaways??? Here is one that you should check out. Kristen from The Wright Stuff is hosting her very first giveaway! You all can remember your first one, right? Ok, then go on over and show her some support, and who knows you may even win the thing! She is giving Revlon Minted and Stunning finger nail polish to two very lucky bloggers. So go on and get entered.


  1. hahaha love that drama story!! I was in drama club for a bit too :)

  2. I am studing Screen Media and Theatre at College!! And I love it!

  3. I am loving that beaded necklace! Your hair is so pretty by the way! Come visit me at my blog!

    <3 Marielley

  4. JCPenney is amazing for cheap clothes! Love the necklace!

  5. oh i looove the necklace!!! and i love finding cheap finds. my friend is like queen of shopping discounts!!!