Thursday, June 28, 2012


Well here we are at Thursday. Over the hump and on a fast run to the weekend. Today I am linking up with Framed Frosting to bring to you the things that have me crushed right now... okay, to bring you the things that I am crushing on right now. Be sure to head over there and link up with all your hot items and meet some new friends!

I heart hair accessories! There, I said it.
I have times that I am way into wearing hair accessories and times that I am more focused on jewelry, because in my opinion you need to do one or the other. Not that you can't still wear both, but you don't want to go overboard in both departments because then your key piece is under-stated. But currently the accessories are the key to my outfits. I don't know how you do it, but usually I build my outfit around one item, whether that be a shirt, pair of shoes I want to wear, or a hair bow.
Here are some that are similar to the pieces I have been building with:

(Just got these in from Earl Grey on etsy!!)
I really like this style too. I have one like this style and it is so fun and different. The one in this picture is in my new favorite color too, MINT! So redundant, I know.
(found this little guy at Three Bird Nest)
And this one from Three Bird Nest, is great because of the size and amazing patterns! I won't go into it, but I have a rather intense love for the native looking patterns (not sure the proper terminology for that pattern). 
I will be honest and say that one of the things that I love about this style of head band is they are great when you don't get to do/wash your hair! (don't judge me)

On the topic of accessories, I just have to share with you one more item that I adore from Three Bird Nest. Ladies, I present to you every feminist's dream... women's bow ties!
So cute right???!!!
Okay, there ya go. I don't know if my crush this week was for accessories or Etsy, but either way hopefully you made a new discovery and found a new crush for yourself! 
Have a wonderful Thursday!

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  1. I love them all! It also pretty great to support small businesses and fellow bloggers while getting some great stuff!

  2. Love the patterned one! Adorable!


  3. I love the stuff from the Bird Nest. Super cute! I don't seem to look right with hair pieces but I can still crush right?!

    Thanks for linking up...


  4. Thanks for linking up! That mint green head wrap is fabulous!!

  5. I love hair accessories too!!! Thanks for pointing out a super cute store!

  6. I love hair accessories! I just never wear them! For some reason they don't look as good in my hair as other peoples! I adore that patterned one. And love the women's bow tie idea!

  7. oh my gosh I love all those headbands!! especially that blue ruffled/flower one. so so cute!!

    new follower from the GFC Blog hop! :)