Tuesday, June 26, 2012

why hello there.

Why hello again, it's me here, Miss Conservative, back with a couple of summer-friendly, wallet-protecting ideas. Today's we are looking at yummy treats!
First, we have my absolute favorite treat, a little thing I like to call Fruit Pizza. It is a very simple combination of cookie dough as crust, cream cheese and whipped cream icing, and all your favorite fruit on top. My pick of toppings would include strawberries, bananas, kiwi, and blueberries. This is a great treat and so easy to make. It will make any day feel like the perfect summer afternoon. Yumm-o! 
For this special treat you need
cookie dough
cream cheese icing (you can skip the icing and just use whipped cream for a healthier choice)
whipped cream (to mix with the icing, optional)
assorted fruit
So to serve you and a handful of friends, you are only going to pay about $15, of course this will vary depending on how many kinds of fruit you choose.

My next treat to share with you today is part of Quick Trip's famous 69 cent fountain drinks. That's right, 69 cents for 32 ounces. Now if you do not have Quick Trips in your area of the country, perhaps you can make your own version of this delectable tea. Quick Trip has gotten me hooked on Black Mango Tea. They have it offered as sweet or unsweet. Personally, I put about 3/4 unsweet and the other 1/4 with the sweet, and it is delicious! It is the perfect drink to sip on by the pool, or anywhere else and pretend you are at the pool (which is what I normally have to do). And for 69 cents, you can't beat it! This is also a drink you can make at home by just adding some mango flavoring to regular black tea. Or as I would prefer, cut up some mango to and let them sit in the tea for the natural flavoring.

Hope you enjoy these special treats from Miss Conservative!


  1. We had a fruit tart that looked JUST like your pic at our house on Monday night! It was deeelicious! Nothing better than fruit + sweets to get rid of those sweet cravings, but with a little less guilt afterwards :)

  2. I will be visiting Atlanta next month. One of my To-Do list items is Quik Trip. It's just delicious