Friday, June 29, 2012

they really are my friends!

Hello all.
Today, I just haaaave to get something off my chest... I am so stinkin' honored and blessed to have such incredible girls in my life. Seriously, just thinking over the girls that God has put in my life is so humbling... they really are my friends? What? They are just too incredible! Agh! I just have to share with you about two of them. Please indulge me :)

First of all my dear friend you have heard me mention, Rachel. I was just talking to Rachel about how inspiring of a person she really is. If I were to describe her life as a story, I would say that it is a story of grace, love, and lots of joy. Sounds like a happy go lucky story, huh? Well it's not. There is a lot of ups and downs like any story. Some twists and things you would have never seen coming. There is even some heart wrenching sadness, but the overlying joy is constant throughout.
Rachel's life is enough to inspire anyone! God's grace and sweet sweet kindness is all over her. Seriously, go check out any one of her posts, and you will see what an amazing, INSPIRING, honest, funny, lovely individual she is. Check her out at Bindawapinda Zuva, which means "a place of sunshine where all are welcome." What better name, right?

The next wonderful friend I have to blab about is Miss Cara. I met Cara at college, and am so thankful that God put her right in my path of friendships! She is one of the most precious, tender-hearted ladies that I know. Yes, she can be a blonde (which just adds to the laughter!), but she is so loving and accepting to anyone she comes in contact with.
More bragging!
Cara is currently doing an intership in India! I know... so jealous! But my heart is just overwhelmed reading her updates. After this summer, she will have spent 3 straight months pouring into 11 young girl's lives, and seeing them changed by the love and grace of God. She is witnessing God's restoration in these girl's once broken lives. All I can say is, I know that girl! hehe I am just so proud of everything she is doing for the Lord. 
Read about Cara's amazing experiences in India at "they don't speak spanish in India."
yes, that is Rachel on the left
yes, we are ridiculous! 

Ok, that's all. I just had to share about the unbelievable girls that I get to call my friends! 

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Just as a little incentive and treat because I love you all :) I will do a good ole giveaway just for kicks. 
Okay, get goin' and do your Friday thang!
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