Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Never, never, never...

I think we (modern society) over-glorify the idea of starting things. We encourage each other to do what's hard, do what is a little scary, to take risks, and to be brave. Which we should, because stepping out into the new and the unknown is difficult. It really is. However, I would propose today that sticking with something that you have already started in your life is much, much more difficult.

I am sure that some of this can be contributed to different personalities, so it may be completely different for some people, but it seems to me that being consistent, faithful, and passionate can be a major struggle. We get excited about the idea of something new. Sure it can be scary, but the excitement can help us bypass a lot of that fear. So starting a new business, hobby, or some other venture can be exciting, but there comes a time when that excitement wears off... and usually that happens when there is some push back coming at us. It happens when the real work sets in. We may kick off a new business with a bang, but when it gets down to the numbers and expectations that aren't met, we start second guessing ourselves.

"Maybe this wasn't such a great idea."

"Maybe I should quit before I have too much invested."

"This is just too hard."

We start singing quite the different tune. It is the age-old idea that we, for some reason, believed only applied to kids. They want to take gymnastics.... after a few months it is karate.... then swimming lessons to become an Olympic swimmer... then music lessons to become the next superstar.... then... Kids are not the only ones who do this. Grown ups do it too. All the time. So let's change that.

I would like to propose we stop putting so much emphasis on someone's courage to start something / do something new, but rather on their courage to stick with it. Let's congratulate their zeal, but let's celebrate the dedication of someone who doesn't give up... even when others would. Because that is real bravery. Riding into undiscovered territory may be scary, but riding out the storms is too.

As Winston Churchill said, "Never. Never. Never give up."

I couldn't say it any better myself.

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