Friday, March 13, 2015

Let's Talk

Today I am going to share a little on something that we are all faced with whether it be within our family or at work; any human interaction really. Conflict.

I have shared about conflict before, but I want to dive into the matter further if I may. So, let me clarify exactly what I mean. When I am saying conflict I am talking about when things are just not jiving between you and another individual. It may be creative differences, it may be miscommunication, it may be a harsh response; it could be anything that leaves you at odds with someone. That is the conflict I am talking about.

Now I have heard it said by many, "I hate confrontation," or "I'm just not good at confrontation." This idea of having a come to Jesus moment, or a venting session where you lay everything out on the table with people in order to resolve an issue would make anyone resent facing a problem head on. And it is that lack of courage that sustains the tension among friends, family, co-workers, whoever it may be, and results in insincerity and insecurity within that relationship.

Insincerity because you are not able to be honest and heartfelt because of unresolved issues.
Insecurity because your relationship is unsure and compromised with distrust and hurt.

Let's change the thought process. Let's have a conversation not a confrontation. It is that simple. Just start a conversation with reconciliation as the end game. When you start the conversation knowing that you want reconciliation you are much more likely to have success. Here's a few more things that will help ensure success:
1. Start the conversation, then listen.
2. Be determined to understand.
3. Always speak in love.

Someone once reminded me, "relationships are the only thing that we have in this life that will last to the next life." Relationships are forever. They are not like material possessions that will wither and ruin, unless we let them. Invest in something eternal. Start the conversation. Here's how you can start:
"Hey, let's talk."

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