Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Attention to Detail

God cares.

He does. He cares deeply and He cares completely. Yes, He cares about every person, the whole human race in its vastness. To think, He cares for millions and BILLIONS of people is incredible! But I would suggest that this thought is even greater: He cares for you.

That is a profound statement and an almost unbelievable thought. The same God who cares for all 6 billion inhabitants of this planet zooms in on you, on your life, on your well-being and says, "There she is."

If you are anything like me you think, "Sure He cares about me. I know He listens to my prayers and cares about my future, the big picture for my life." You know what I am talking about... the big things. The "important" things. I naturally underestimate how much people care. I usually leave out unnecessary details to stories I share because, "they won't care anyways." I don't want you to get the wrong idea, I do not feel unloved or uncared for, but the little things aren't really attention-getters, and I feel like they are unimportant to anyone but myself. I have come to realize that I allow that to bleed over into my relationship with God. "Maybe those little details aren't important to God either. Maybe He doesn't really care that much either." 

"We may be willing to admit that life as a whole is subject to the overruling providence of God, but often we hesitate to believe that every detail of life is the object of His loving concern... Love refuses to believe that God is not interested in every detail of life." - J. Oswald Sanders

God cares. About every single, tiny, seemingly insignificant, detail of your life. He sees you. He takes notice of you. You are important to Him, and EVERYTHING about you is important to Him. No matter what it is you are holding on to, share it with Him. He already knows, but He longs for you to open up your hands and show Him the secrets cupped between your hands. He longs for you to open up the door to your life and welcome Him in. Allow Him to look around and make Himself at home. He doesn't need you to put a blanket over the tear in the couch, He wants to hear how that tear got there. Don't worry about blocking off the laundry room, He doesn't mind the mess. In fact, He is pretty good at cleaning up messes. Even the little things He cares for so deeply. Your feelings, yeah, He cares about those too. Your worries demand His attention. Your stress brings Him to your side frantically saying, "Let me help." He knows, but still He listens. He is a God of the details. He can handle the big stuff, but He still cares about the little stuff, why? Because it concerns YOU. 


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