Friday, May 17, 2013

Music's in my soul...

Today I am joining in with Lisa-Jo for Five Minute Friday. This is where we are given a prompt and then we write for 5 minutes; no stopping, no correcting, no rewriting. Just bare, true, real words. I don't feel like I do the best at this because 5 minutes isn't a lot of time to formulate my thoughts thoroughly, so you just get a dose of my thoughts... 5 minutes worth anyways. Feel free to join in and link up. You can link back to Lisa-Jo's page here.


We have often heard that music is a powerful thing. I believe it is. It is an emotion, and that emotion expressed forms a song. Songs are a wonderful thing. There are so many songs that I have memories with. Especially "Jesus" songs. There are certain songs that at first sound I go back to a moment in which that particular song spoke so deeply to me; so directly into my current need. It makes me reflect on where I was and what God brought me through.

I don't believe it is any coincidence that God created music and songs. They are our worship to Him. He loves hearing us (yes, all of us). It doesn't matter if it is an old song, a current favorite, or one you write as you go along, if we direct them to Him, He will join in.

So go about today with a song in your heart.



  1. It's no coincidence that so many spiritual practices have sacred songs. I reckon that if it means something special to you, it's sacred. Traditional Zulu beliefs state that until a girl named Marimba appeared on the earth, there was no music, only drums. Interesting to note she has an instrument named after her.

  2. i think every day contains a song. sometimes the songs carry us, and sometimes we carry the song. i love that He made us musical people :-)
    happy friday!

  3. I'm with you here today, with eyes and heart! Good thoughts early this morning!


  4. Beautiful reminder that songs are worship to our King. Bravo!

  5. How drab this world would be if there wasn't a tune on our lips and a song in our heart! Beautiful remind.

  6. We were made to sing! Love your post. Happy weekend.