Friday, May 31, 2013

A little bit of Mandi...

All of us bloggers have our reasons, have our spark; the reason we began this online account in the first place. No matter our reason we have a voice and we have a place. It is nice that we get to share it with other women (and men) who are just doing life, learning, and growing in the person they were destined to be. Today I have one of those amazing ladies sharing the reason and purpose of her online presence. 

Here is Mandi from All My Happy Endings!
Initially, my blog was nothing more than a means to stay connected to loved ones across the miles. A method of sharing our goings on, but also a mode of journaling my experiences and thoughts along the way. My blog has only become public since November 2012, and it’s morphed into a myriad of topics from lifestyle, parenting, inspiration, to blogging tips, mama fashion, and giveaways. But above all, it’s my story.

The name All My Happy Endings pretty much describes my mission in life – to choose happiness no matter my circumstance. And to share my deliverance from life’s everyday challenges.

Here are a few of my most cherished posts:

You can keep up with Mandi on all of her social sites…


Be sure to stop by Mandi's and drop her some lines. I know she would be happy to meet you and get to connect with you.

>>Why are you here? What is the reason you started your blogging journey?


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