Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Just A Little Glam

I love this quote; it is so true! 
I love fashion not because I want to dress like the runway models or the celebs in the magazines. I love fashion because it is just fun! My favorite thing to do is to find something that has been overlooked, labeled weird or ugly, and make it work. When I go shopping with my sisters or friends, I pick something up, give it a good look, and if they say "That's weird," or "That's hideous," it becomes a sort of challenge to make it awesome. Now granted, there are some that are just ridiculous, but I think with a little bit of work and accessories you can make a lot work.
Now this dress I am styling, is not one of those pieces. I like this dress, and (I think) my sisters do too. This dress shows another thing I love about shopping... finding really amazing deals! You appreciate a piece so much more when it feels like you won it because it was so cheap. Plus being so cheap pretty much makes you feel like a sinner to walk away from it! (joking) Which brings me to this dress... I paid $8 for it! Wahoo!
There are two things that I love about this dress.
First of all, of course, is the shoulders!
I am drawn to shirts, dresses, jackets, etc. with this military style of shoulder detailing. It has a edgy/glam/awesome look to it.
Second, the darts at the waist line.
I have seen many dresses designed like this this past season, and year really, and I have fallen in love. It adds a classic, vintage look to the dress and I like how it looks on me. I don't have huge hips, but they are definitely there. (ha!) This style accentuates (btw I learned how to spell accentuates just for this post!) the waist line, and along with the big belt, makes the waist look much smaller.

My "style" changes often... sometimes daily! 
I don't feel like I need to or should have to stick with a particular look. Some days I feel like dressing free and a little wild, so I do. Other days I feel like dressing like a grown up, well put together, and professional, so I do. I dress the way I feel; I show myself in the way I dress.
I am no fashion expert, I don't claim to be.
But I practice fashion daily.
Dress: Forever Twenty-One
Belt: New York & Company
Tights: Target
Shoes: Macy's
Earrings: Plato's Closet
Eye shadow: "Plum" from Mary Kay

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