Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Choose Change

Within the last couple of years it seems that change has been a constant. Things were constantly changing. 

>>You're done with high school, now you are moving to college. Wait, what college? Oh, okay got it.<<
Every year... every semester... goodness, every week could involve a change. 

Classes change. Friends change. You change.

>>You made it! You are done with college, congratulations. Now you have to figure out what's next...<<< 

More change.

No matter where you are now, I know that change has been there with you. Up to this point I have felt like changes happen to me. I really didn't want things to change all the time. I didn't always welcome change. But it came nonetheless. 

However, lately I have realized this- There are times when we need to choose change. Like I said, I have felt like in the past I really had no choice in the matter, change was going to happen and I had to adapt. But more and more I am the one wanting change, and that is not going to happen on its own. 

I think many times we feel like we are being pulled by change and led by change, so if something is not the way we like it... "Well I can't help it, it just hasn't happened. I've been too busy. I can't because ______________." There are so many excuses we can make that keep us stuck.

Have you ever felt stuck?
Yea, not a good feeling.
It is that feeling that no matter how much you want change, there is nothing you can do to make it happen. You see this Promised Land ahead, but it is an impossible journey.
It is a horrible feeling. It is a frustrating feeling. I hate it. 

I have made a decision... I refuse to be stuck. Not now, not ever. 

There has to come a point where we just refuse to be stuck; we refuse to make excuses, and we choose change.

I want to encourage you, to challenge you today, whatever the change you are wanting is...
Go back to school
Find a new hobby
Grow closer in your relationship with the Lord
Improve your marriage
Find new friends
Get a new job
Get out of debt
Lose weight
Be more organized
Learn guitar (that one is for me!)
Whatever it is, do it. Choose to make the changes necessary to make it possible. Here is the truth, when you say "yes" to one thing you are saying "no" to something else. Yes, you will have to give some things up, but the things you will have to give up is the quick sand that is keeping you stuck. 

I am a visionary, so I love to set goals. I love to dream about how things could be, how I want my life to be. It is exciting to think about the possibilities. Setting goals is easy for me. However, they are only going to be goals, dreams, wishes, until I choose to put forth the effort and make the changes that will allow me to reach my goals, and eventually achieve my dreams. But it is so much bigger than that, because I want nothing more than to let my life give glory to God. If I am not bold enough to make the changes in my life that will allow me to fulfill God's dreams for me, then I am stuck beyond redeeming. 

Change isn't easy, it isn't comfortable, but it is essential. Don't start tomorrow, do it today. For now today is all we have, so let's use it.

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  1. That word change is often scary to people. But, to me being stuck is scarier. Great reminder not to be idle, but to more forward and make changes. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Awesome post. There are many things I keep saying I should do, but always have reasons why I can't. I need to choose to change my perspective.

  3. Love this. so true. Gods been dealing w me a lot on this. I'm tired of being stuck in that quicksand.

  4. Absolutely beautiful post! I've def been feeling stuck lately. Time to make some positive changes! :)

  5. Hey girl! Found you through the link-up today. I LOVE this and it really spoke to my heart! I am a visionary myself and totally resonate with this. Never wanna be stuck. Ever.

  6. Hi. Wow I must say that I am in love with your blog! Especially this post! I am going through change (unwillingly) because my grandpa just died. I'm happy to know that he is now in heaven and not in pain but I miss him. I am just trying to adapt to the next phase of life. One thing that is constant in life is change. Please check out my blog @
    I am one of your newest followers and can't wait to read your posts.

    with love,