Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hello Miami!

Today we have a special guest with us sharing a little word and some tips about traveling. 
Here is Catherine Lavinia.
Catherine is working as a freelancer in advertising & marketing.

Miami Beach: the East coast’s finest
After decades of development and a recent influx of tourism, Miami is a bustling city with a sandy coast able to rival the most tourist friendly West coast cities. Miami Beach is best suited to those looking for warm weather and good-looking people, perfect for getting away from the working weeks back home.

Rooftop pools beat the beach
While many tourists head to Miami in search of its great beaches, the best place to soak up the sun is from the pool of one of the many hotels that dot the coast of compact South Beach. Rooftop swimming and a view of the glittering blue waters are a better experience away from the crowds of the busy beaches. A long-standing favourite is The Perry, which boasts two private rooftop pool areas, one for families, and one for adults who want to get away from the bustle.

The art scene
Miami Beach is most popular for its coastline. However, coming in at a close second is its high profile assortment of art deco hotels and houses. Not to be missed are the iconic landmarks that make up the official Art Deco District that runs for more than ten blocks and includes famous sites that range from the Beacon Hotel to Versace’s home and the site of his death. For a taste of it all, book one of the many walking tours that highlight the history of the movement in the city. Afterwards, it’ll be easy to spot the imprint of art deco on the vintage cars and surreal fashion that make Miami what it is.

See and be seen
No trip to Miami is complete without a stop in at one of the city’s many premier nightspots. While hotel rooftops such as the Shore Club and The Standard offer the best view of the city during the day, it’s in the evening where they really shine. The hottest spots rotate through the seasons, but the style seems to stay the same. Do not leave home without a few stunning going out dresses. The competition on the fashion scene is fierce across the Atlantic!

You're looking for the giveaway for this trip to Miami Beach now, aren't you?
Well so am I.
Sorry to disappoint, no such giveaway here, but I will say Miami Beach, or any beach for that matter sounds wonderful right about now. I will get to experience the warmth of the sun to some extent, because I am leaving for Ethiopia THIS SATURDAY! The day has come so fast, but I am very excited for it.

Are any of you planning a trip? Do tell!

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