Tuesday, January 1, 2013

And a Happy New Year

I hope you all had as fun of a New Years celebration as I did.
(more of that later)
I have a very special lady to share with you today. 
Everyone, meet Cat
Cat, Everyone! 
Okay, now y'all get to know each other. :D
Hey y'all and Happy New Years!!  I am Cat and I blog over at This little life of mine.   I want to thank  Dalayna for letting me have this opportunity to guest post on her fabulous blog. She is such an inspiration and that is only one of the things that I love about her.  Pointing Up was also one of the first blogs I started to follow, so this is extra special for me.

So you may ask, who is Cat anyways?  Well I am just a small town girl who loves Jesus and all the wonderful things he creates.  I am happily married to my high school sweetheart and we are the blessed parents of two babies in heaven and two still with us on earth.  I am a stay at home mommy/returning college student.  I have been blogging since the last week in October but really didn't start writing much until November.  Since then I have had a lot of fun meeting some great friends, I have shared My Testimony and been encouraged and inspired by many of you.   I have really enjoyed blogging and think it is such a fun way to document my life all in one area.

 I started blogging as a way to share my story and as a way to hopefully encourage others.  Since I am in college studying to be a counselor I wanted to share my passion for helping others in anyway that I could.  So far my blog has allowed me to do this and so much more.

 I am really looking to the many opportunities that 2013 will hold.  I am starting my senior year in college at a new college and looking forward to prepare for graduate school.  I hope to get healthier this year and continue to work on loving myself and my self image.  I know I will continue to grow in my faith and my personal relationship with my heavenly father.  I hope I will continue to grow my blog and make many new friends all while building the relationships I have already started. Do you have big plans for this year or any resolutions you are making?

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I hope 2013 will bring many blessings to each of you!!

Be Blessed

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