Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Oh, My!

My oh my oh my!
Under a week until Christmas!
I will say that this Christmas has snuck up on me more than any other year. I had barely got started with Christmas shopping until yesterday, and then, through yesterday and today, I am so close to being done. Thank you online shopping!

I have never been one to buy things online because I like to see it, touch it, try it out, but I have fallen in love with so many shops that I have come across through blogging and I was so excited to share some pieces from them this Christmas.

If you are anything like me and are still looking for those last minute additions to gifts or haven't found that perfect gift, I have idea for you, Skin Care Products.
Here's the thing, I do not like gifts that I know I will not use. Sure I appreciate the gesture, but then I feel bad because I know I will never use it and I don't want it sitting around taking up space (sounds so mean, I know). However, skin care is one thing that EVERYONE uses. Here are some great Mary Kay gift sets that make the perfect gift.
Satin Hands (hand mask and cream), Satin Lips (lip mask and balm), nail polish, the perfect lip color, fragrance, all of these with a cute package to top it off would make a great gift, last minute or not. 

Interested in a gift set? All sets are under $35!!
Leave me a comment or email me at dalayna(.)dillon(@)gmail(.)com.

Two big things on the blog tomorrow:
1. The Not Quite There Yet link up is back up tomorrow (Thursday). We will be linking up via GFC. So all you unmarried and/or non-mommy bloggers be sure to come by and link up to meet other great ladies like yourself.
2. Also, tomorrow all who participated in the Christmas card exchange will be linking up their post showing off their cards and the lovely ladies who sent them their cards. This will be lots of fun, so if you participated be sure to link up and share your card.


  1. Everyone likes hand cream. Good call. Also, I like how you're all bundled up and in a t-shirt lol

  2. Love the gift bags!! My mother sold Mary Kay for years and i've been considering selling it too. Very nice gift ideas!