Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A {not so} Wordless Christmas

Merry Christmas!!!
I do hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday (or maybe your festivities are continuing) with you family, friends, and loved ones.

I am with you for a Wordless Wednesday. Here are some pictures from my Christmas holiday... so far! I am sure there will be many more to share with you another day. :)

 The girls 
(on my father's side)
Minus my sister in law & 2 other cousins. One is out of state and the other is actually a performer on a cruise ship, so she was on board this Christmas. Sometimes it stinks being a grown up. 
 They all wanted to try on my glasses. lol 
(which I will be reviewing soon!!)
 Yes Destiny is being goofy, but she really did have something in her eye.
This is my father's side, but we are missing some cousins.
 He knew what was in that card! d:
 My brother and sister in law, Dallas & Courtney.
 The lovely Danette.
 My other sister Destiny.

 The side of my mother.
 Grandma, my mom's mother.
 Something is definitely going on here.

 Me & Grandpa.
 Me & Grandma.

Family, that's what makes holidays so special.
And as you can tell.... I am really bad at WORDLESS Wednesdays!


  1. Aw.. Looks like you guys had a great time together. My husband and I didn't get to go to our families this year so it was just the two of us. I'm vicariously living through everyone else this season as they're together with their own families :D

  2. Looks like you had an awesome celebration. It's very heart warming to see families with big smiles on their faces. It's such a wonderful season :)
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    Rushing for Bagels

  3. Looks like you all had an amazing time together :)