Friday, October 26, 2012

When trying to create...

Creating, writing, designing, brainstorming.
These are things that we all do in some form or another, whether it's writing a post for your blog, doing a craft, even cooking a recipe, these are all avenues of creating. Personally, having to design graphics, create ideas and then execute them, I have found that there are some projects that require so much more effort than others. Sometimes it feels like I am grasping at straws for ideas and creativity as well as originality. However there is one method that I have adapted that I cannot tell you how beneficial it has been for me. I have to set the mood for the creative project. I have to think in the lines of the project. Whatever theme or mood this project is supposed to be representing, I dive right into it.

Things I do to set the mood for creativity:
I use the 5 senses.
Yes, you know them; hearing, smelling, seeing, feeling, & tasting.
We are very sensual people. We think through these 5 senses. This is why marketers and advertisers study people and their reactions to colors, sound, smell, etc. Those people get paid the big bucks to use senses that appeal to you in order to persuade you as a consumer. Tricky, tricky.

For this very reason, I find I can create better when I am engaged in a project with all my senses. Here are some examples:
Hearing: music; at home alone or in a busy coffee shop.
Smelling: I use candles and other fragrances; again, surroundings.
Seeing: Pictures (remember that look book I told you about a while back?); put a movie on that fits the mood or setting of the project; surroundings.
Feeling: Comfy clothes or more structured clothing; relaxed in a chair or working at a desk.
Tasting: Get a drink or a snack, something to help you feel like you are in the particular setting/environment you are trying to create.

If you are experiencing a mental block with a particular project try setting the mood for your creativity. Get in the project so much that you will produce 100% original and relevant material. I mentioned when I was talking about creating a look book an event that I am on the planning team for. I am over the graphics, promoting, etc. The theme is Pink n Pretty n Paris. One of the biggest projects I have had to do so far is create a brochure outlining the event. Obviously we wanted the brochure to be a piece of what the event is going to be. This brochure is huge. This will be ladies' first impression. At first glance they will decide if this looks like something they would be interested in, whether it looks worth while, and will initially determine ladies' expectations and anticipation for the event. No pressure!

This brochure has to be attractive to the eye, cohesive with the theme, create interest, create klout,  and create excitement! So here is how I got into the project, 5 senses and all.
*I created a Pandora playlist called French Cafe Radio.
*I played the classic An American in Paris for some background noise and to catch the classic Paris look.
*Hot tea of course :)
*Comfy clothes.
*I sat in a chair so that I could stay focused and not get too comfortable!
*Candles and warmth were a must for this project.

I believe that putting myself deep into the theme and feel of this project was the key to creating exactly what this brochure needed. And now I am just thankful that it is done! Whew.

How are you most creative? How do you set the mood for creativity?
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  1. This is fantastic! I think it's such a great idea. I SHOULD be grading papers and it is taking me a very long time and I am struggling to stay focussed. It's cold, there isn't enough tea and some calming music would help. I get so frustrated with the silly mistakes made some time. I also love the idea of your link up. I am definitely Not Quite There Yet!

    Rosie x