Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tick Tock

Today I wanted to discuss something that really sucks... time. I will be honest, I struggle with time managment... alot. It has been something that I have been reeeeaaally trying to work on lately, but it is so stinkin' hard! I am a very organized person. I like to have a system and method for doing things so that nothing (hopefully!) get's overlooked. Here is my problem, I OVER COMMIT. I do, I am never guilty of saying "no" because I am always saying "yes," "sure," "I think I can do that," "no problem". I have always had this problem. I think I can do it all! And I do get it done. No matter how much I commit to, I do whatever it takes to get it done.
I am not suppose to do everything. I can't do everything. I can try as much as I want but it would not be giving each responsibility my best. I want to be someone who strives to do my very best in everything that I do. I don't want to do anything half-heartedly, I want to give the appropriate amount of attention and effort to every obligation. It is all about balanced living. For most of my life I will admit I have been out of balance. The things that should have been getting more of my time were put on the back burner until I could get around to them. Things that were most important to me did not always appear first and foremost when allotting my time. And when your time is out of balance your whole life is out of balance. Where you spend your time reflects your priorities.

Sometimes doing nothing is better than doing something. Where am I going with this? The way we spend our time in relation to God. I think as Christians, forget that, as humans we want to do, do, do. We want to do something for God with our time. We want to feed the poor, care for the sick, volunteer at an after school program. These are great things to do with our time, but God wants us. Many times we let those things, those good things, replace genuine time with Him. That time spent with God has to be there for our life to have balance. Remember the story of Mary and Martha? Mmmmhmmm. Sometimes God is saying to us, "Come out of the kitchen, stop working and doing, and just sit at my feet and be with me." That's what He really wants from us. 

I am always trying to live a more balanced life. I understand that living a balanced life means saying "no." It means not getting everything done, but getting what is the most important thing done. In college we were required to read a book called Boundaries for a peer leadership class. If you have never read or heard of this book I would highly recommend it for anyone. There is something everyone can relate to in there. It talks all about the boundaries that we must have in our lives to keep a well-balanced lifestyle. By me never saying "no" I am allowing and even giving permission for people to take advantage of me and my time. I have began to identify my time-suckers; the things that easily steal my time, the things that are over commitments and not a part of my responsibility, the things that I am unable to give my very best to. I am finding those things and cutting them out... well trying to, I am still the same over-achiever and people-pleaser, but it is all a work in progress. I encourage you to grab the book Boundaries (link to book on Amazon), identify your time-suckers, take control of your time, and live a balanced life that you can give all of yourself to. And remember, a balanced life begins and ends with giving our time to the Lord.

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  1. This post pretty much sums up my life too. I am SO an over commiter! Can't wait for tomorrow :)

  2. So so so true!!!! Been going through a learning process of this too & trying to be better! I'll definitely be looking into this book! :)