Monday, October 15, 2012

Sister Talk Rambles

Yay! It's MONDAY!!! 
I know you are all now rolling your eyes at my enthusiasm. hehe
I always look forward to Mondays for Sister Talk, hopefully it at least puts a smile on your face watching these silly sisters talk about... well whatever comes to mind.
Sharing with you a little bit of everything. Sit back, enjoy a cup of coffee (or whatever your favorite drink is) and tune in for this week's episode of Sister Talk!

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Have a wonderful Monday.


  1. you girls are too fun!
    I still have one random email its bensgirlsince112808... lol
    I used to have jesusnme79 and my hubs used to have mistysboysince.. when we were dating hahaha

    Fall.. all things pumpkin! lol and i decorate me with scarves and boots! LOL

  2. Oh. My. Word. I LOVE you guys so much. I literally was drinking coffee and laughing out loud while watching haha. Can't wait to see you guys SO soon! Like it's for real making my heart so happy!
    #1 I still have my e-mail I still give it out as a junk e-mail haha
    #2 So WHAT if I do dump leaves around my house for fall decorating...and burn candles...not sure that's a good idea to do together?
    #3 Listening to some Pocahontas like a boss

  3. LOVE it, as always! This edition of Sister Talk had me cracking up!

    1) Yep, and I still have it, but mostly use it as my "junk mail" filter. It's happyjenn22 @ msn . com Before that it was even at
    I'm happy to report that now I have a "grown-up" email address.

    2) My dogs are kind of like my children. But... ok, not really. I do love them to bits too. Especially the one that is "mine".

    3) Sometimes.

    4) My fall decorations are leaves. Oh, yeah, and candles. And.... some signs. And flowers. And pumpkins.

    5) What song am I loving... hmmmm... I dunno. I don't think I really have one right this minute.

    Thanks for sharing a fun Sister Talk with us!