Friday, June 1, 2012

taking a minute

    I read a story last week that really hit me in the heart. The story told of a soldier who was accused of abandoning the war and trying to run away from battle. The soldier was to be executed for military cowardice. The soldier pleaded his case before the current president, Abraham Lincoln. President Lincoln considered the case and chose to pardon the soldier. The soldier was later killed in battle. When his body was discovered, they found his letter of pardon in his hat, signed by President Lincoln.
    This story is so powerful. That man treasured his freedom and the president's grace so much, that he would never be found without it. He also had it close, and it served as a reminder of his pardon. No one could ever tell him he was a coward again, because he was found innocent. So often we as Christians not only take for granted the pardon we have from Christ, but at times we can even forget about it completely, which is where we slip into sin; rejection of the pardon that has our name on it. Other times we let people or the devil tell us lies convincing us that we are condemned, that Jesus' pardon was not enough for us. I never want to take my pardon for granted. I want it to be written upon my heart, that where ever I go, whatever I do, I will never forget that I was bought with a price; redeemed; ransomed; rescued; pardoned.

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