Saturday, June 2, 2012

Here is an ongoing topic that I am going to be covering (and I would love to get others to chime in on this one too, let me know if you have something to share), "Miss Conservative". I will be discussing ways to save or even make money with little effort. I have got 2 for you today, one to save money and one to MAKE money!

When you have lived in a city for so long, it is easy to take for granted all that there really is to do. Who knew Tulsa had such neat-o things hiding around in the corners? Here is a fun idea to do with friends or to change up your exercise routine. How about going for a bike ride?
Saint Francis is the sponsor of Tulsa Townies, which is a system that provides bikes to rent. This a such a great idea! And it is absolutely free. You can check out a (hot pink) bike just by swiping your credit card (this only ensures that you will return the bike, it does not charge anything to it). I went for a ride the other day with my dear friend Danielle Summers, and we had such a lovely time. The weather was beautiful, and the riverside drive was a great view. This is definitely a summer activity to get in on! You can find more information about the bikes on their website,
 There it is! :) ---------------->

Now here is a great way to get clutter-free, more organized, and make some dough. This is not a new concept, but maybe you didn't realize the pay-off! Plato's Closet is a young adults store that buys and sells gently used clothes and accessories. They take clothes year-round, which is very convenient when you are trying to sell to them. All you have to do is take in your items, fill out a few things for your first set up, and take a seat on the couch and wait for them to go through your clothes. Yes, sometimes it can take a while depending on how busy they are, and they do require you to stay IN the store, but when you get a pay off like I did yesterday it is all worth it. Chances are they won't take all of your clothes, but it is highly unlikely they won't take something!

Yesterday topped what I had ever gotten paid from Plato's Closet, ready for this? $153 and some change!! Crazy right? I waited about 45 minutes. I have never gotten paid that much for 45 minutes of my time in my life! Absolutely worth it.

Let me know if you try any of this out! How did it work for you? 
Happy savings!


  1. Great post. I love riding those bikes. I've only done it once but it was very fun.

  2. Holy Canoli! I've never gotten more than like $20 from Plato's. Nice work! :) xoxo linds {{}}

    1. I know!!! I think the key is to just tough it and take a ton and just let them take their pick. :) I love the closet sale that you have. Great idea!

  3. Great idea! Consignment stores rock. I also sell back my books a lot at the local used bookstore. Once a month they will take a bag of books and give you money back. Fun idea!

  4. I do this with my sons clothes at a store called 'Once Upon A Child'. Last time I got $53 for 17 items! Most were baby shirts, onesies, or pants. Easiest $53 I ever made!