Tuesday, June 12, 2012

surprises are the best

Well, I have to do it. I know I have bragged on my best friend Rachel before, but I must do it again! Seriously, friendships are such a gift from God. What a blessing it is to have someone who wants the best for you and is there for you during the worst. Someone you know is praying for you when you don't know what to pray for yourself. Rachel is the best.
I met Rachel at college. People always told me that the friends you have in college are the friends who will stick with you, so make them carefully. I am so glad that has been true for me. I have learned so much from Rachel's life and through our friendship. There are people who I know bring out the worst in me, but Rachel always brings out the best in me. Recently she had a friend visiting for 2 weeks, so I wasn't able to talk with her as frequently, and let's just say I could tell that I had not talked to her.
Rachel loves surprising people (as do I, so we are quite the pair), so here is the lovely surprise that I got in the mail this week!
She sent me a TON of goodies, and a little note demanding I take a day off and enjoy some simple pleasures, such as...

 my favorite candy
blowing bubbles (they make everyone happier) and painting my nails.

 She sent a precious printed postcard from a Swedish shop that she wanted to take me to while I was visiting her in Seattle.
Have some stress-relieving time in the garden planting these beauties.

 And last but not least, the handmade leather bracelet that I picked out at the Market in Seattle, but couldn't find when I went back to get it. Surprise!!! 
Isn't she just the best?!!
So so blessed to have her in my life. Ok, that's it, I just had to brag. :)

P.S. Here is some BIG news! Tomorrow I will be kicking off a killer giveaway! Be sure to check back and enter to win. 


  1. cool stuff and what a great friendship! i love surprises!

  2. that is seriously sweet and thoughtful! friends are the best! I blog with three of my dearest- please come check us out...stopping by from the bloglovin' hop! Cheers!

  3. you make being a good friend so easy and SO much fun :)

  4. what a wonderful friend -good girlfriends are the best :) just found your blog and i'm excited to be your newest follower!

    1. Why thank you! I must come visit as well. :)