Monday, June 11, 2012

still growing up

Okay, so I am 22 years old, graduated from college, and a youth pastor. I have come to realize the struggles of being young and looking younger. Seriously, I get passed off as a high schooler on a weekly basis. Here are just some of the more recent instances:
-I was introducing myself to one of my student's friends from high school and the kid's girlfriend informed me that he "belonged" to her. (uh, yea, thanks girl, but i was NOT hitting. On your boo!)
-visiting some of my students at school and I almost got written up as truant by the high school principal.
-I was with my mom picking out carpet, and the man helping us asked me what high school I attended.
-just tonight I was mistaken as an 18 year old!
I know, I know, some of you are wondering "what's the big deal?!" I know someday I will appreciate looking younger, but when you are trying to be taken seriously and treated as an adult and people are asking what high school you go to, there is a problem! Needless to say, this has been an ongoing issue; funny at times and annoying at other times. So, in order to combat this issue here are a few ways that I have been using to age myself (feel free to laugh along).
1. I have found that parting my hair closer to the middle seems to make me look more mature. This is one thing that I never thought I would resort to. I am one who is usually completely against parting hair down the middle. Some ladies pull it off beautifully, but so many times it just doesn't work in my opinion. Mind you, my part is near the center, not down the center. I realize that I am not one of the ladies who could pull off the center part.
2. I have become quite a fan of wedge shoes. They don't come off as being too dressy to wear with every day outfits, but they do seem to age me a bit (and add some much needed height).
3. One thing that I have tried to apply but can't really get into much is wearing lip color. I never have been one to wear lip gloss let alone color. Mainly because I hate when the wind blows my hair into it and it gets all sticky (gross!), but I do see how that would add something. Maybe I will give it another shot.
Yes, this is a little silly and self-absorbed, but sometimes looking my age may be a little more beneficial than originally thought, especially when a high school girl is has her eyes on me for "hitting" on her boyfriend!
What do you all think? Any suggestions??

Exciting news! This weekend I was so honored to be invited to a student's QuinceaƱera. This is a celebration when a Hispanic girl turns 15 years old. I wasn't able to go to the reception due to time constraint, but I did get to go to the ceremony. It was so neat to see this cultural celebration. Here is a little picture of me from the celebration. I felt like turquoise would be a very Hispanic color theme to go with, so of course my nails had to match. ;)

Anyways, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Let me know if you have anymore suggestions for me to look my age.


  1. You look so pretty in that picture! You're absolutely right... one day you'll appreciate looking younger, but when you're trying to have people take you seriously it's frustrating. As for the lip color... try Revlon lip butters. They're less that $7 at Target and it feels more like lip balm than gloss or lipstick. Plus the colors are more pigmented so they really stand out without feeling or looking heavy. They've become my favorite.

    1. I am absolutely going to have to pick some of those up! Sounds like I would like those much better.

  2. Great picture! You look great! I love your blog, Love it. What do you say we follow each other love?

    Beauty Asylum

  3. You are too cute!! Thanks for the comment on Veggie Table mostly because it brought me to YOUR blog! I'm so excited to read more!

  4. I think I just read my life story. I'm 26 and consistently mistaken for a high schooler. Everyone says its great hold on to it, but it is frustrating. I even just yesterday started with a full on center part( haven't done it since 4 th grade :). I think I like you already! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, can't wait to read more of yours.

    1. People think I'm crazy, but the part does add some kind of maturity! haha Just gotta embrace it. :)