Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Miss Brightside

So here is something I have noticed about myself, I tend to be a pretty positive person... sometimes. It seems that when people around me are being negative, I automatically compensate by being super positive. However, I have also noticed that when people are being super positive I tend to tone it down with my own negativity. Does anyone relate??? Everyone has something that they dislike about themselves, and I would have to say that this is one thing I extremely dislike about myself. I have tried and tried to psycho-analyze myself and figure out what in the world is wrong with me, why am I that way. Conclusion, I don't know, just treat it with an extra cup of coffee (coffee fixes everything right?). Anyways, I don't know why I tend to be that way, but I am continuing to try and work on that. Who likes Miss Negative Nancy right? (I am sorry if your name is Nancy. It must be rough having people say that about you all the time. The ironic thing, I once had a manager named Nancy, and she was a very negative person. Just sayin'.)

I have had the opportunity to be a little negative today. First of all my beloved tennis shoes are finally done for. I keep trying to work on the relationship, but they continue to give me blisters and I am going to have to cut them off. It just isn't healthy. Not only did they give me blisters on my run today, but they gave me blisters on my run yesterday too! This meaning I now have a blister on top of a blister! Yikes.
(In case you are a visual person I will insert a picture here. hehe)
Another wave of negativity came when I had to move the rest of what little I still had in my room out in order for the carpet to get pulled up, the ceiling to be scraped, and the walls to be touched up. (Again, for my visual people) This was the final result. 
All that I was thinking was,  
"Where in the world am I going to sleep?!"
"How will I get dressed with my clothes in a big pile?!"
"How long am I going to have to live like this?!"
"This is going to take forever!"
whine whine whine.          
Yea, I know it is annoying, think about having to live with that your whole life! So since I am trying to be more positive in EVERY situation, I decided to label myself Miss Brightside and try to look at the bright side of both of these situations.
>the foot
Yes, my foot has a blister. A blister inside of a blister for that matter, but I have been doing so well at working towards one of my summer goals, running some 5K's. I went back to doing the couch to 5K app just to have a structure to my running and have been loving it. I am so excited that I have been consistent and with each run I am closer to reaching my goal. The blisters are my battle scars. yea!
>the room
hmmm, I will have to think about this one (just kidding). I am excited about getting my room redone! Yes it came through a bad circumstance (water leak), but it is going to look so lovely when it is done. Plus the walls are getting painted a color called "Skinny Latte," and I love lattes! How perfect is that?! Yes, it will go by fast and I am going to love my room when it is done with its face lift.
So here's my challenge to you: 
1. Think on the bright side. :) If you have annoying situations come up, be the one to find the good in it and tell us about it.
2. If you have made some summer goals, like I have (see mine here), comment and let me know how you are doing on them! Remember, when you talk about your goals you are motivating and encouraging yourself and others.
Here's the kicker. If you take me up on my challenge, I will send you a fun note to your home address! We all love mail, right? I do! So take the challenge, leave a comment with your email address, and I will email you to get your address. Within a couple of days you will have a little sunshine (in an envelope) to brighten your day. Open until this Friday! So get the move on (next blog will be about my issues with patience. hehe).
Miss Brightside                                                                   

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