Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hello Glory Hog

Don't you hate it when someone steals your thunder? 
You come up with a great idea at work and someone else gets the credit.
You create a new process and someone else gets recognized for it.
You do all the work and someone else gets noticed for it.

I have always been one to show love through acts of service, so when I was young I would love to do things for my mom around the house, so when she walked in she would be surprised by all the work that had been done. One thing that I often did was make her bed. She usually did that herself, but if she not, that meant that she had been rushing to work and didn't have time. So if that was the case, I would make her bed, trying to get all of the decorative pillows just right and the corners tucked just as she would. Of course my mom appreciated all that I did. But the one thing I usually did not get the credit for was making her bed. If my dad was home she would just assume he done the task, and would openly thank him for doing it (she probably thought if she was overly appreciative he would take the clue and make the bed for her more often). As a kid I tried to wait for my dad to fess up and admit he was not the mystery maid, but he would always take longer than I would like. As I grew up it became more of a joke that I made him look good rather than a battle for glory, but in the beginning it definitely was that, a glory battle.

Glory hogs... can't stand them.

However, many times we are the glory hogs. When we take the credit, or just withhold the credit from God, we are stealing His glory. Ouch. What does it look like to steal God's glory? Any time we don't give Him glory for what He has done, we are hogging the glory. I think if we were honest with ourselves we would realize if we don't brag on what God has done, maybe people will think we are the great one. Maybe they will think the blessing that follows our life is a result of our greatness and perfection. But NO, it is all because of God's greatness and perfection! He deserves the glory.

I challenge you today, and every day going forward, don't be a glory hog. Don't steal away God's glory. Tell your story to give Him glory. You see, God isn't like us. When someone tries to steal our glory we may correct them. We make sure everyone knows we are the deserving ones. But God doesn't do that. He won't fight to get His glory. He will simply work through other vessels that will bring Him glory. Even if the rocks have to cry out, God will get His glory. Present yourself as a vessel, a person, that God can receive glory from.

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