Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Thank You Note to Taylor Swift

Disclaimer: If you are not a Taylor Swift fan bear with me through this post because it applies to all us ladies.
 I mean, I guess we can still be friends, but Taylor is pretty awesome & you should like her. (hehe)

So if you are a TSwift you were probably as excited as I was this Monday when the long anticipated music video for her song Bad Blood was released (It was first released on television Sunday night but hit the internet on Monday). The Swifter had been giving us little teasers for a while introducing the different characters making appearances in her music video. It built anticipation. It started conversations. It got  our attention.

I watched it.

I loved it.

It. was. wonderful... in an unexpected way.

Of course I knew what the song was about. I have listened to it, head banged to it, sang it way too loud, I got it. But when I saw the music video I loved it even more. Now don't make fun... I will explain why, but if I am honest I would have to admit that yes, I teared up. (I said don't laugh... that includes smirking)

Where did these tears come from? I will tell you. I am not promoting any kind of drama, but many times people associate drama with girls- and I will leave that there so I don't get off on a ranting session on that topic. Regardless of what causes "bad blood," we all have those experiences. We have situations that make us uncomfortable, feel unsafe, create lasting tension. We can all relate to the feeling that the world... or our world... is against us. It can feel like a fight. But what a relief when we have women who we know are on our team. Friends, family, mentors, role models who come to not just stand on the sidelines and cheer us on, but actually fight with us. We all need encouragement, but we also need people to fight through things with us. There are just some things that we can't defeat alone.

In the video you see all of that played out. You see young girls who are friends, but also women who are seasoned with experience come and fight along side Taylor. It just created for me the perfect picture of life and of what womanhood should look like. We have friends to defend us. To come rescue us in a room, full of people, where we feel so out of place. We have family who love us in a dangerous way. We have mentors who don't give up on us even when we want to give up. We have role models who inspire us along the way.

That is where the tears came from. They came from the beautiful idea that women fight with each other. We fight for each other. There are people on your team. So fight on! 

Thanks Taylor, for the reminder.

Watch Bad Blood here >>>

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  1. This made my heart so happy. Love that we share a love for Taylor and that I get to fight for you and with you and know you are doing the same for me. As always, thankful to call you friend :)