Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Some brief thoughts

We are taught from a very young age to always do our best at what we set our hands to do. If we are going to play a sport, it's okay if we aren't the best as long as we are doing our best. In art class, we might not be that talented but as long as we draw the best stick figure we are capable of, what more could the art teacher ask? Giving 100%. It's a value that we are taught from a young age. But how does that translate in other areas of our lives?

In relationships, whether with friends or with a spouse, we are taught that the relationship is two-sided. You can do your best, but if the other person drops the ball then the ship is still sunk. I think many times this is the reason for failed relationships, because it was just one-sided. However, in relationships I am reminded it is not 50/50 responsibility. That would mean (if we are looking at this from a scholastic aspect) both people are getting a failing grade. For a relationship to truly work and truly be balanced it must be both people giving 100%.

That brings me to something that I have been thinking about. In life with Christ we also have a two-sided relationship. Yes one side is incredibly perfect, so we can truly say He is our better half! But so many times I have heard people say, "If you will do your part God will do His part," giving me the impression that God is depending on me to do some portion of the work. Yes, I completely agree that many times God is looking to see if I will do what I have said I would do. Many times He is looking to see if I will be obedient, but God never does part of the work. God isn't asking me to do 70% before He takes care of the other 30%. I believe He always puts in 100%, and I am suppose to put in 100%. God is fully capable of doing anything and everything without me completely, but the amazing truth is He doesn't want to, but He doesn't want my portion either. He wants my everything; my 100%.

So when we are working for the kingdom this translates as well. We shouldn't be comforting ourselves by saying, "Well, I've done my part to reach my city," or whatever the work might be. God doesn't want our contribution, He wants our participation. This concept has been challenging me. I don't need to give something for the kingdom; I need to give everything; my 100%. It is not about my abilities or my capabilities, it is about my heart. Am I giving my all or just giving what I consider to be my contribution? #loadedquestion

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