Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Just a few...

Just wanted to share a few pictures today. Nothing special, but that is the thing. Big moments have so many little, precious moments in between them. Let's never forget to catch the little, precious moments. They will far out weight the "big" ones.

As a youth pastor, one of the things I do is hang out with students, obviously. Building relationships is the name of the game, and the way to do that is slowing down and spending time.

SIDE NOTE: You know your kids don't need you to spend your money on them... they need you to spend your time on them. Sometimes that sounds like more of a sacrifice to us, but that sacrifice lets them know they are worth your time. END SIDE NOTE

When I spend time with students I always try to take at least one picture of us or whatever we are doing. I like to document our time. I think it shows that it is treasured. It may end up as a profile picture on some social media outlet or it may just stay in my photo album, but either way it is a way to remember the little, precious moments.

I encourage you to treasure the small "insignificant" things.

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