Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Learning As I Go

Out of whack.
I think that we all struggle with balance. We focus on one thing and something else gets out of whack. Many of us have heard about stewardship many times whether in church or in a personal finance class. And most people would think of stewardship in relation to money, but it is so much more. It is about taking care of everything God has placed in our care.

It is about taking care of our money. You can tell someone’s priorities by where they spend their money. I recently heard a quote that is so accurate. “Money is a great servant, but a horrible master.” Money is great to have when it is serving you & others through you, but once it becomes your master it gets nasty. It is controlling, selfish, greedy, and envious, and what really happens is you become its slave; it has a death grip on you. But if money is our servant; a tool & a resource, it is a blessing to you and to others.

Does anyone have a watch?
Stewardship is about taking care of your time. Again, it is true one’s priorities are obvious by what they spend their time doing. When I was younger I used to wonder what the bible meant when it says that “the days are evil,” but as I have grown up and grown busier I have realized the immense truth in that statement. The days are evil; they are deceitful. It can often appear like time is what we have an endless amount of and money is what we are lacking, but it is the other way around. The amount of money we can earn is endless (I mean just print some more, right? Lol), but time is always diminishing. There is always going to be another paycheck as long as we go to work, but every second, every minute and every hour is one that we can’t get back.

Story of my life....
Stewardship is even about taking care of our lives, every part of it. Our spiritual well being & our physical well being. Both need care or they will be weakened. Our spiritual bodies need to be strengthened, stretched, & used. Through time in the Word and time with Jesus all of those things are possible. And if you are listening to Jesus, trust me you will be stretched, strengthened, and used. As for our physical bodies the same is true. I know I have been guilty of running my body without allowing for time to replenish & nourish it well. Our bodies can’t operate to its best if we are not taking care of it to the best of our ability.

So what can we do?
Planning is the key to being good stewards of what we have, namely for our money, time, and lives. These are things that I know I do well with at times, but then other times epically fail, you know, that balance thing I was talking about earlier. Through a budget, a schedule, a routine of prayer & bible reading, a work out schedule, I am doing my best to take care of everything that God has entrusted me with. 

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  1. This was a very well-written post and I enjoyed it! Great points.

  2. perfect...each one will balance the other out too if we learn how to be good stewards...and somehow if we lack in managing one, it can affect the other...

  3. I love the quote about money, Dalayna. And you are completely correct! Stewardship is not limited to money by any means! Love this :)