Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I do that too!

For all of my fellow tweeters, you may be familiar with the twitter account called "I do that too!" On many occasions these tweets have supplied me with entertainment (and a great retweet for others to enjoy). I always finding it comforting to know that I am not the only looney toon out there! So here is a list of a few silly things that find myself doing.

*Scare myself with my raccoon eyes after taking a shower.
*Describe things with my hands while talking on the phone. I just know they understand so much better with the visual.
*Double check my zipper EVERY TIME, and I do mean every time, I leave the restroom to make sure it is zipped. I learned my lesson and better to be safe than sorry!
(on the note of lessons learned from bathroom experiences...)
*I always make sure there is toilet paper BEFORE going to the bathroom.
*I still try to avoid stepping on cracks, but I am not scared to step on them now like I was when I was little. I didn't believe my mom would break her back, I just thought I would blame myself if she did and I had stepped on a crack.
*I am very good at waking up to my alarm, I am just better at turning it off and going back to bed!
*I drink coffee late at night for something warm and soothing, always denying the affects of caffeine on my sleep. It tricks me every time.
*I look like such a great singer when I am mouthing along to the radio in the mirror. Using a brush as a mic of course.
*Always way underestimate the time it will take me to arrive at a destination when I am running late to make the people waiting on me less agitated. (They would probably be less agitated if I wasn't running late!) If I haven't left the house I say I am on the road; 10 minutes out I say I am right down the street and make an annoyed comment at getting stuck at another stop light. (stink, now my secret is out!)

I am going to cut the list off there. 
Do any of these things sound familiar??? Do tell!

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  1. hahaha. i love the one about cracks. too funny, knowing you would blame yourself if she did happen to break her back and you had stepped on one..