Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Design Yourself

Since all of the raving posts about the Oscars have died down, I figured I could make a few comments without it being too redundant in the blog-isphere. 
I think for many of us the favorite part of the Oscars, & events of its kind, is the fashion. Many of us ladies tune in to see the elaborate, & many times, bizarre outfits that these celebrities come out with. It is an important time for designers to make their mark too. If they can get the big-name stars to wear their design, the next time around they are going to be bouncing with demand. It is the big time. I don't know if any of you read the article about Anne Hathaway's big apology to Valentino for not wearing his design at the Oscars, but yes, apparently it was a big deal. You can read that article here.

Can I be honest with you?
Not that I don't think the stars on the runway look fabulous, they do (well most of them). But honestly, I am usually not a big fan of very many of the celebrity looks. Sorry, but I am usually not impressed. Does that mean I don't know what I am talking about? I think that some people would come to that conclusion. Isn't it crazy how much celebrities really do influence fashion?? Ultimately it is the designers who dress them that are making the statements, but if a celebrity wears a certain designs, BOOM! that is the new rave. Seriously, if the Kardashians started wearing overalls, I really do believe that those things would make a come back.

Maybe it is the creative side of me that gets irritated by this trend. I don't have to like what the stars in the magazines are wearing, and furthermore, I don't have to wear what they are wearing. I know for me sometimes I get fashion inspiration from magazines and outfits that I see on celebrities. But that is the difference, it is inspiration not imitation. There is nothing wrong with doing some of the same outfits as celebrities. Hey, if that is your style then go for it! I just don't always see my style on the runway... sometimes I do though. But let's make fashion our own creation.

I think we would all agree that media affects our lives way more than it should; that is the method by which our society is most influenced sadly. But style... that my friend is all yours. 
So own it!
Most of us don't care to be famous, but it would be nice to have an excuse to wear amazingly fabulous dresses, right?! Check out these cheap evening dresses & formal dresses.
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What do you think of this one? 
I don't think this will be the one I will want to wear in real life, but it sure does look good in the picture!

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  1. I literally was just thinking this morning about how much celebs affect fashion choices and lifestyle changes. It's a little crazy! I for one am obsessed with the Kardashians and would love to afford their wardrobe (i.e. Khloe's pink silk jumpsuit + Kourtney's short babydoll dresses) Not sure I would look too swooft in overalls though haha. Love this post!