Friday, January 11, 2013


Everyone has been posting their New Year's Resolutions.
Of course they have.
I mean you've got to make them, right?
It's just what you do.

If you are anything like me, you hate failure. When you decide to do something you want to see it through. Well, that's me... however not always so much when it comes to my resolutions for the year. You see my New Year's Resolutions sounds something like,

"I want to do ____________."
"I want to do better at ______________."

Sounds pretty typical, but I got to thinking this year. Maybe the reason why I am never very happy with my success with each year's resolutions is because I never tag something physical onto those resolutions. I never attached a visible result to my goals. For example,

"I want to visit ___ new cities by next year."
"I will serve ___ hours of community service by next year."

Something you can track; a goal you can know you have accomplished rather than a vague improvement. And so with this new perspective I set out to establish this year's resolutions goals.

I am off to a good start, and I am very excited and hopeful for this year. I believe with God's help this will be the most significant, exciting, adventurous, and abundant year I have ever lived.

How have you been doing with making goals for this year?


  1. Great goals! And I've been doing good on my goals. thanks for sharing!

  2. Great goals! And I've been doing good on my goals. thanks for sharing!

  3. Great goals! And I've been doing good on my goals. thanks for sharing!

  4. I want to do more cooking at home.

    I want to do better at staying on a budget.

  5. Great goals! Love them! I just did a vision board about the year ahead too! Goals and dream are better than resolutions to me :) New follower!

  6. Read my monthly book with me! Well done for getting these together. You have a great mix. I already have too many goals....but I'm determined to do them!

  7. Great advice! Goals need to be specific and measurable.
    Sell 8 websites, work out 3 times a week on Your Shape Evolution.

  8. I love this! We have similar goals, and I may actually steal some of your goals for myself. :) I posted a blog about this recently, if you haven't read it yet!

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  12. I totally agree with you! I don't believe in resolutions but goals. It's much better to set something to work towards rather than set yourself up for failure/disappointment!
    Nikki at